Children and Adults Plant Trees in India: World Record

Children everywhere know that trees need to be planted to help with world pollution.  It was Pakistan that set the record in 2013 by planting 847,275 trees.  Three years later, India broke Pakistan’s record.  They planted nearly 50 million in 2016.  This is good competition as both countries have helped the planet fight climate change that results from pollution.

How Planting of Trees Help.

Trees take in harmful carbon dioxide that results from people and factories polluting the planet and they turn it into healthy oxygen.  Trees breathe out this good oxygen and humans need oxygen to breathe.  India is also a hot country so having more trees as a shady place is good.


The Largest State – Uttar Pradesh.

Uttar Pradesh is the largest population state in India and 800,00 volunteers worked very hard to plant trees.  They planted 80 different species of tree saplings along road, railway tracks and on public land.  The saplings had been raised in local nurseries.  This will take carbon dioxide from the air and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that come from factories, cars and trucks and person pollution like burning fires.

India’s Commitment to Paris Climate Conference

This was a world meeting where countries promised to cut down on their pollution.  India has a massive population of 1.25 billion people (China has more people).  With such a big population, people have cut down many trees for housing, factories, and for pasture land that allows animals to graze.  India agreed to spend $6 billion dollars and this planting was part of that money.  With such a large population, India has 6 out of 10 of the world’s most polluted cities.  It needed to act quickly.

Let’s congratulate India and the children that left school to plant so many trees.   If you have a chance to plant some trees, please do so.  Everyone needs to help fight pollution.  And keep your car running when mom or dad goes into a shop or store.  That is pollution, too.