Let Your Dog Give Blood So Other Dogs Can Live


Just like humans, animals need operations and blood transfusions.  Dogs get into accidents and this is another reason that they need blood.  Some dogs get certain diseases and their blood becomes weak.  They need another healthy dog to donate blood – just like humans give blood.

Not Every Dog Can Give Blood


The vet is the best person to ask if your dog can contribute blood.   It is not painful.  Usually, a vet will not take an old dog, as this dog might get sick if he or she gives blood.  Also is you own a very small dog, he or she also does not qualify to give blood.  Your dog must be healthy and weigh at least 25 kg ( 55 lbs).  The best dog donor is a dog that is easy-going and will not have a panic attack in the vet’s place.

There are Lots of Sick Animals (not just dogs).

There can be a shortage of human blood and hospitals and blood clinics ask adults to donate.  My mother received blood transfusions and she lived because another person cared enough to donate.  Dogs can only give blood to dogs and cats can only give blood to cat.  Your dog will not get sick from giving blood.

There can be blood shortages for animals, too.


How Does a Dog Give Blood?

A needle will go into your dog’s jugular vein -this located along the neck.  It will not hurt.  Your dog will be able to walk out of the vet’s office.  Often, it is recommended that you give your pooch a rest day and lots of loving tender care.  Your dog is, after all, a hero and deserves some extra treats.   Thanks to you and your dog, some another dog will be receiving blood that will help it to live.   If your dog was sick and needed an operation, wouldn’t you be glad that some other dog had donated?



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