Animals That Make Unusual Friends -Why Can’t We Be Like That?

I am sure that your school has an anti-bullying policy.  Bullying hurts another person.  Bullying can be because a person is different in their looks, the way they dress or what food they eat.  The world is full of animals and people who are different.  In fact, you are different from other members of your own family.  Celebrating differences makes everyone happy.  There are ways to not hurt another person’s feelings.  For example, if someone from a different culture offers you something to eat, it would be polite to try it.   However, if you really feel you cannot do this, then it is how you refuse that is important.  “Thank you, but even at home I don’t eat everything that is offered to me. I am a picky eater.  My parents let me refuse -if I am polite.  So I hope you won’t mind if I do not accept your kind offer of food.  I am sure it is delicious!”

Now, here are animals that chose to accept really different animals or birds as their friend.  strangeG

Dogs and cats can live together in a home.  My dog, Kelly, loved our cat Spunky.  However, Kelly would chase other cats.  Here is a picture of Ginger the cat and Prince the dog.  Ginger was a stray and was grateful to be taken in and adopted into the family.  Ginger was a grateful cat.  When Prince lost his eye sight, Ginger started to get under his chin and walk towards his water, food and toys.  She also led him to shade when it was a hot day.  Ginger also knew where his toys were located.  Isn’t it nice to say ‘thank you.’?

Let’s travel to South Carolina, U.S.A and to the Tiger Institute.  White tiger pups were born and the mother, for some reason, was not able to look after them.  To the rescue came Clara, a chimpanzee who looked after them.  Can you see the happiness on Clara’s face?  Chimpanzees are one of the smartest animals on this earth.strangeJ