Teens: Believe in Your Worth and Purpose – But Do It NOW


Life can offer you – a way out.  This way out is the opportunity to live at half-a-life-level.  Don’t believe in yourself and see others as more beautiful, more talented, more intelligent, etc.etc.  You can stay on the static level of non-doing, non-believing and watch others soar.  You can remain watching these people complain and add your excuses: but some of the people soaring do not have sight, do not have hearing, cannot talk and may be paralyzed.   They are soaring from a bed, unable to use their limbs and using their mouths to type keys to the internet.  Helen Keller (deaf, blind and unable to speak as a child) – went on to get a university degree.   She learned how to speak but she could never hear.  Right now, some children are walking miles to learn – they are frightened at night as tanks rolls by their rooms and plane can drop bombs at any moment.  Yet, they are courageous to learn – to play music – to write poetry – to believe that there is a tomorrow where they can live.

How Some Kids in the World Travel to School -1


Kids Around the World


How do you travel to school?   Do you get the school bus?


You may know some students who bike to class or even walk.

Many parents throughout the world take their children to school by car, but other parents have a more difficult route. Here are some examples of parents and students making their way to school.  The poorer the family often makes it difficult as in this case in Indonesia.  This country is part of Asia.

Indonesia is the red dot
               Indonesia is the red dot

children-going-to-school-around-the-world-35As you can see this is a very old bridge and children need to hand on to the wires on both sides.  Perhaps, when you become an adult,you will become an engineer or teacher and travel to Indonesia to improve things.

More Asian Countries.

There are many countries on the continent called Asia
There are many countries on the continent called Asia
A tuk-tuk has an engine -used by children in Asia (India, Thailand etc)
A tuk-tuk has an engine -used by children in Asia (India, Thailand etc)

I have ridden in a tuk-tuk when I visited the lovely island of Thailand.  They have one wheel at the front and it is covered to keep out the rain.  This is the school bus for many children.    All over the world, students like you, are travelling to school.  They know that education will be important in the years ahead of them.  Do your best at school.    Best wishes, Pauline.

Aito Iguchi: Japanese 11 Year Old Hockey Sensation


It is important for adults and kids to be physically active. It is good for your health. On teams or in individual sports, a person meets new friends and may travel to wonderful places.   Here is an 11-year-old Japanese boy who is fit and has many hockey skills. His name is Alto Iguchi and he caused a sensation in 2015. He travelled to New York with his Japanese team.

It is 2015 and New York city is hosting the second Annual Lighthouse International Hockey Tournament.   This is a youth event that involves teams from China, Japan, Finland, Long Island and New York City.

The final game was between Harbin (China) and the Nikko Jr. Ice Bucks (Japan). The winner was japan who beat China 10-2.

 Let Me Introduce Sensational Japanese player Alto Iguchi who scored 2 goals and assisted in 2 assists.


Japan is not an ice hockey nation. Yet, hockey scouts and the internet have seen Alto Iguchi play. He is fantastic! What did he have to say about his team’s win.


“I know that I’m being looked at, so I want to play accordingly so that I meet the expectations,” Iguchi said through translator Tak Mihara. “I played very well, actually, better than usual. If I had to rate myself, it would be an A-plus.”

Getting Picked


Alto was picked from one hundred (100) players at a hockey camp. He started playing hockey at age 5. He learned the skills by watching National Hockey League games that he streamed from the internet.

Look at for Him in the Future

NHL (National Hockey League) teams
NHL (National Hockey League) teams

Japan has sent players to the USA and they play in National Leagues.Europe has sent many hockey players to the NHL (National Hockey League). I will be happy to see him on my television set. Hopefully, he will play for the Toronto Maple Leafs in Canada.