Zip or Cable Ride Your Way to School – Colombia, S. America


Have you ever been on a zip ride? It is a fabulous experience. Imagine doing it to get to school! Let me take you to South America.   Can you guess who or what is in the bag?  It is her little five year old brother.

Have you got an atlas or globe? Can you find Colombia? Great! Can you locate the Rio Negro? This is the river that kids going to school have to cross by a zip or cable.

Let me Introduce You to Daisy Mora

Daisy was 9 years ago in 2010 when the Daily Mail, a British newspaper interviewed her and took pictures. They located her small village high up mountain.   Daisy and her friends really don’t have a choice on how to get to school. It is possible to walk 2 hours through the jungle that has NO paths. That would take 2 hours, during which she could get lost, or be attacked by dangerous snakes and wild animals.

The only realistic choice is to take the cable or zip line.

Let’s Zip With Daisy


Daisy puts her small brother in a sack and it is strapped on to the cable. She grabs a rusty pulley strap and off she hurls at 40 mph straight down over the rushing and dangerous river. The bank is half a mile away.

The cable line is also the only way that adults and kids can get away from their village. There are 12 steel cables going up and going down. Daisy does this ride with the children of eleven other families who live on top of the mountain. The cables are used to bring the farmer’s produce down to the valley. The up cables can bring things they need back up to their village.

I am sure many of you reading this blog/article would love to go to school this way.  Right?












Jamid is too young to safely ride the wire on his own, so she has to carry him with her in a jute bag, controlling their speed with a wooden fork.

Photographer and author Christoph Otto, who took these amazing pictures, suspended himself above the valley on one of the cables to capture people making the remarkable journey.

Amish Students Walk or Take Horse & Buggy to School

Unknown-8 Amish-kidsPauline here.  Personally, I think that being different in the world is great. At school, you may know students who speak a different language at home.  Many of your friends may worship in a mosque, synagogue, church or another place of faith.  Perhaps, you have had food in a friend’s house that is different from what you normally eat at home.  This is a wonderful way for you to learn about other cultures and traditions.  It is so sad and disgraceful when bullies attack kids because of these differences.


The Amish Way of Life


images-1The Amish are a group of people who emigrated many years ago to North America.  There is not a lot of information on the internet, but I am writing about communities in America.

Get Up Early

Amish families do not use modern technology, so a fire has to be started in order to heat the home and do the cooking.


Young Amish boys and girls get up about 5 a.m to do required chores. The boys go outside and help feed the animals. In winter, they may shovel snow as mechanical machines are generally not used. The girls may make beds, help prepare breakfast and perhaps, collect eggs.

Traditions From the Past

images Unknown-17 images-1 images-2

Amish people today live very much like their great-great-grandparents lived. They dress like them and their lives are without electrical stoves, televisions, phones or the use of the internet. They believe that God wants them to live very simple lives.  Some Amish parents or the community allow the use of bikes and the playing of games such as soccer and baseball.

Going to School


From what I have read, Amish communities organize their own education for their children. The local school board approves of what they learn. Amish children normally walk to school, or  they may take a horse and buggy. Amish families do not own cars and there are no tractors. Ploughing a field is done with a horse and plough held by a man or strong boy.

One Room School House Unknown-10 

There is usually a one room school house where a teacher who has at least a grade 8 education teaches the children of various ages. He or she may have an assistant. Children leave school at the end of grade 8 to help their parents. The father likes to have a job where he can work from home. He may be a farmer, or a carpenter that makes furniture for people. Some Amish fathers start a restaurant that serves plain Amish food.

images-8 images-6

Amish students concentrate on reading, writing and arithmetic.  They like to have old text books that look like they represent their way of living.  For example, a story about a boy or girl watching television or on their iPad would not be welcomed.  This is their decision, so we have to respect Amish traditions.  Don’t get the idea that Amish children don’t have fun.  They play just like other kids.  They love working with animals.

Their friends are usually other Amish children. They are happy with their way of life.  Amish children are thankful for their schooling in a world where many children do not attend school.

Don’t Choke on a Joke! Kids can laugh, learn and be Inspired


Why did the little scared mouse turn off the TV?



He was afriad to watch the A-CAT-AMY AWARDS SHOW.


Where does a chicken put her letter to her favorite aunt?

In an hen-velope.


Where do calf-students eat their lunch?

In the calf-eteria.


Why did junior bull win the banjo competition?

Because everyone thought he was a great MOO-sician.


How did Sabrina chicken get all A’s in school?

She did eggs-tra hard work and she set a good egg-ample .


Fly: My best friend won’t leave his house.

Bee: Why?

Fly: He’s proud to be a housefly.




Mommy pig:   My son has a sore rash on his back.

Vet:   I’ll fix that with some Oink-ment.


What do you call an umbrella that forgets words during a song?

an hum-brella


What do you call a cashew in outer space?

An astro-NUT


What is a potatoe’s favorite song?

I only have eyes for you

How Some Kids in the World Travel to School -2

images-2Pauline here saying ‘hello’ to you wherever you live in the world.  As a young person, you are precious and good.  There is nobody else like you.   This is the same for every boy and girl who is making their way to school.

Unknown-11 Unknown

Look at your hands and your finger prints.  No other person in the world has the same finger prints -that makes you unique.   All children want to be successful and to learn.  Here are students making their way through the mountains of Nepal.  Look how small they seem against the tall and high mountains.

Children making their way though mountains. This is in the country of Nepal.
Children making their way though mountains. This is in the country of Nepal.
Look at the country of Nepal.
Look at the country of Nepal. It is  shown by the red and white button

Nepal has some of the highest mountains in the world.  It has Mount Everest.  This is the highest mountain.   If you look again at the picture, these Nepalese children will feel the cold when walking high up the mountain.  They want to go to school even if the journey is hard.




How Some Kids in the World Travel to School -3

Unknown-6 images-6How Some Kids in the World Travel Dangerous Routes to Get to School

Hello, Come and travel with me to China.   It will take us a lot of time to get to a remote (hidden) village high in the mountains.  The village is called Zhang Jiawan and it is in the province or county of Sangzhi.

Getting to School:


imagesStudents living in Zhang Jiawan have two routes to get to school.  The safe route takes the students four hours to walk.   The short route is dangerous but much quicker.  I don’t know how long it takes for a student to go up the dangerous ladder, but let’s say it might be about 15-20 minutes.

One five year old called Liu Dan was asked about the dangerous climb.  “It’s quite high, but I try not to look down.”

Let’s look at where these Children Live

one hundred villagers live on these mountain tops
one hundred villagers live on these mountain tops

The village is surrounded by sheer drops on every side.   I have no idea how people get down to the valley.  There are about one hundred people who live there.  The children go to school and this


These schoolchildren in southern China are so keen to get to school that they make the perilous journey on narrow wooden ladders every day, with no safety precautions.


Their village in the remote Badagong mountains in Sangzhi county is surrounded by sheer drops on every side, making the school run a daily struggle.


The only way out of Zhang Jiawan village, unless the children have time for a four-hour cross country detour, is via a series of rickety-looking ladders leading down to the valley below.


Zhang Jiawan Village -Southern China 

Children must climb up unsecured wooden ladders in order to reach school in this rural region of China.


  • Mountain-top village of only 100 residents is cut off from the outside world, apart from ladders leading to