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Mrs. Claus and the November Visit


Pauline Gallagher, M.Ed.

Winner of the Canadian Library Association’s Competition

Published “The Winners Circle 6”

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The fire crackled, sending shafts of light dancing around the darkened room.



Its warmth relaxed a sleeping husky dog.








Mrs. Claus rocked gently back and forth. Soon it would be midnight. She glanced again at the letter. Was there really an Oliver Grant? Why did he want to run away? This was one of the many letters sent to Santa Claus just before Christmas. Santa Claus gave many of the letters to his wife.   After all, they worked as a team.

The clock chimed twelve.


Mrs. Claus quietly put on her outdoor clothes and walked outside. She liked to help Santa even if it meant travelling away from the North Pole.

The crisp arctic night air stung her cheeks and she briefly shivered.

Overhead, a full moon hugged the earth with its gentle light. The twinkling stars looked like a dazzling ceiling of diamonds. Slowly, she made her way across a carpet of sparkling snow.

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A faint jingling of sleigh bells caught her attention. Through the gently falling snow, reindeer silhouettes appeared.


They approached her with steam rising from their nostrils. The head reindeer snorted a greeting and pawed the frozen snow.

“Hello Rudolph,” whispered Mrs. Claus. “Are you ready for a trip to New York City?”

Rudolph nodded his head. Soon he and the other reindeers were harnessed to the sleigh.

The senior elf made a final check of the equipment


He signaled to Mrs. Claus. Within seconds, the sleigh gathered speed. Hooves thundered, bells jingled and snow sprayed over the crouched body of Mrs. Claus. Rudolph snorted instructions. Skillfully, and without a thud or a shake, the sleigh took off into the night sky.

Mrs. Claus, dressed in a red snowsuit, wiped the snow from her eyes

Below her, she could see the sleeping village of Elfville.


November was a busy month. Early each morning, the elves travelled to the North Pole Workshop. They returned home at night feeling very tired, but happy

Santa Claus was a good boss who told wonderful stories and good jokes. Each elf worked hard knowing that many girls and boys were hoping to receive special gifts at Christmas. Their job was to make the toys, paint them and put them in boxes. Finally, a team of specialized elves worked on wrapping the boxes and putting colored bows on top.


A cloud passed in front of the full moon. Darkness was all around except for the light coming from Rudolph’s red nose.

images-3 copy 3Back in the moonlight again, Mrs. Claus noticed the Christmas Forest. Here, the elves gathered wood for the toys. Christmas Eve was just one month away!

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All Children Are Unique – You are Special!




YOU are on the above picture!  If you look at the faces, every child is different.  You live in a country and you have a language, maybe more than one!  Every person born is important and special.  We all need love, friendship, food, clothing and a place to live.  Not every young person can go to school, but everyone has dreams.

Hearing the Word “CONGRATULATIONS.”

Every young person in the world wants to hear the words, “Well done!” or “Good Job”  or “Congratulations!”  These words are said by parents around the world in different languages.  Parents want their children to be successful in school or at least to do their best!  Parents also want their children to be kind and never to bully anyone.  Bullying hurts others!   You might take a few seconds to say unkind words, but that person may go home and think about those words for days!

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The earth is one big school.  Even when you leave the classroom, you have many things to learn: honesty, sharing, using nice words and spreading happiness.  It is also great to be helpful to everyone.  YOU are special, so do your best in everything.   Thank you.   Your friend, Pauline