All Children Are Unique – You are Special!




YOU are on the above picture!  If you look at the faces, every child is different.  You live in a country and you have a language, maybe more than one!  Every person born is important and special.  We all need love, friendship, food, clothing and a place to live.  Not every young person can go to school, but everyone has dreams.

Hearing the Word “CONGRATULATIONS.”

Every young person in the world wants to hear the words, “Well done!” or “Good Job”  or “Congratulations!”  These words are said by parents around the world in different languages.  Parents want their children to be successful in school or at least to do their best!  Parents also want their children to be kind and never to bully anyone.  Bullying hurts others!   You might take a few seconds to say unkind words, but that person may go home and think about those words for days!

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The earth is one big school.  Even when you leave the classroom, you have many things to learn: honesty, sharing, using nice words and spreading happiness.  It is also great to be helpful to everyone.  YOU are special, so do your best in everything.   Thank you.   Your friend, Pauline

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