Bonus Features: Belinda’s Dandelion by Pauline Gallagher


Belinda’s Dandelion:  A story  takes place in a garden.  Into a loving place comes a plant that is a bully.  Naturally, pain and suffering follows.  Into the scene comes an individual who shows that love overcomes hate.

The story begins with a dandelion waking up to its first spring on planet earth.

Belinda's Dandelion-2 It looks around and sees other plants that are also viewing life for the first time. The dandelion compliments the other flowers and they state that the dandelion’s head is yellow and beautiful like the sun.


Belinda's Dandelion4 As night begins to fall, a Perennial interrupts the peaceful and loving atmosphere She declares that the dandelion is a weed.  This is a story of bullying and how the love of one individual can make a difference.

I can’t tell you any more of the story.


Bonus book: This contains information and pictures about the dandelion’s arrival in North America. Dandelions were considered flowers and used for medicine. They came on sailing ships from Europe.Unknown-2

images from bonus feature
images from bonus feature


Today, they are used in many ways.

This is a glimpse of the bonus book.

It is available on Amazon and shortly on Apple iBooks and other distributors.


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