Polly the Molly: Bonus to “When Unicorns Come at Night” on Amazon

 Here is an sample of many pages about horses, donkeys and mules.  This is part of my story called “Polly the Molly.”


Polly the Molly

Hello, my name is Polly and I am a Molly!

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Let me explain. I am a beautiful female mule with lovely long ears. My father is a male donkey and my mother is a female horse. The baby or offspring of a male donkey and female horse is called a Molly. So, I am Polly the Molly. My brother has the same mom and dad, but he’s a boy and he’s called a John, even though his name is Bill. Do you find this a little confusing? Don’t worry, I tell you all about me.

 Who Do I Look Like?

My owners tell me that I look more like my mother the horse than my father who is a donkey. Perhaps, someone has told you that you look more like your father, or you have hair or eyes like your mother.

Be a Proud Mule

My parents are very proud of me. Dad told me that originally his family of donkeys came from Africa. He also told me that there are still wild donkeys from that continent. If you have the time, take a globe or atlas or even use the internet and find these countries where wild donkeys live.


Can you find a country in North Africa called Morocco? It is not far from Spain. Put one finger on Morocco and then find a country called Somalia and place another finger on it. From one finger to another are places where wild donkeys still run free. They rest in the hot African sun during the day and eat at night when it is cooler.

The rest of Polly the Molly can be found in the bonus feature connected to my book, “Unicorns Come at Night.”  It is available on Amazon and iBooks.


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