Throwing Stones: A Japanese Boy Gets Lost in the Mountains

Yamato the boy who threw stones at cars
Yamato the boy who threw stones at cars

 A Japanese boy who kept throwing stones at cars was taught a lesson by his parents.

Many boys throughout the world throw     stones – and this is not a good thing. Animals can get hurt and cars can be damaged.

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How Do Parents Teach a Lesson?

What would you do as a parent if your son or daughter kept throwing stones? You have warned him or her many times.


Parents in every country, including Japan, try to stop such bad behavior. Parents can make mistakes – kids make mistakes – in fact, everyone on this planet can make a mistake. Yamato’s parents did not beat him or leave him without food. They tried another way.

Yamato continued to throw stones, perhaps, and the parents took him for a drive in the mountains of Japan. His father and mother wanted to teach him a lesson. They had NO idea that the lesson would lead to their son being missing for a week in the wilderness.

 The Lesson

images-9The idea was to put Yamato out of the car and drive a little distance. Being alone in the mountains was meant to scare him and stop him from throwing stones.

The Lesson Fails

After driving a short distance, the parents turned the car around. They expected to see Yamato standing where they had left him. Their son was not there!   They walked around and called his name for many hours. In a panic, they went to the local police and the park rangers that knew the area. To their horror, the parents were told that there were bears in the area.Unknownimages-8

How Could Yamato Survive?

Yamato was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. At night, he would have to survive very cold nights. The most distressing thing was that Yamato had no food or water. Yamato’s parents are good parents. They had not abandoned him, but wanted to teach him a quick lesson. Now, they were suffering as each day and night passed.

How could they forgive themselves?

The Hunt to Rescue Yamato


Police on horseback were among 130 rescuers scouring a mountainous area of the northern-most island of Hokkaido from dawn after the boy went missing on Saturday.


There were about 180 volunteers that walked through the forests hoping to locate the boy._89871432_89871430




Yamato is Found

_89871542_hi033264293Yamato Tanooka was found by chance by military personnel in a hut on one of its exercise areas 5km from where he is believed to have gone missing and had only cuts to his body.


_89871544_hi033265955The base was searched but Yamato did not appear to be there. On a second search they found him.


Water but NO Food

Yamato was lucky to have found a warm and dry place to sleep.  He drank water, but there was no food.   Having no food would have reduced his energy levels and he probably slept for most of the time.

Reunited with His Family

Yamato’s parents were overcome with joy when he was found. They apologized for their harsh lesson. He was quite willing to forgive him.