Bob: The Dog Who Rode Trains in Australia

Say “Hello” to Bob.

Railway dog

Bob lived many years ago when trains were run by burning coal and water.  He was born in South Australia in 1882.

Bob as he was in a photograph
Bob as he was in a photograph
The type of trains that Bob rode
The type of trains that Bob rode


Bob was born in South Australia in 1882 – into a land of kangaroos and koalas.  Bob loved trains and the kind men who worked on the railways.  They gave him food and patted him.  It was a sad day when the dog catcher caught Bob and he was put in the local pound.  Word spread amongst the railway workers.  One type of worker was a guard.  It was his job to ride at the back of the train, and make sure all the carriages ahead of him were working well.  The guard lived in a carriage.  It was one of these guards that walked into the dog pound and bought Bob.  Since the guard was alone for many hours, a dog like Bob would keep him from being lonely.

Bob’s Master Gets a Promotion

It was a sad day when bob and his guard master parted company.  Perhaps, his master could not take Bob to his new job, or perhaps, Bob still wanted to be on trains.  This is not known, except Bob began to hop or jump on to trains.

Bob Becomes Famous

Bob felt like he owned the trains he rode in.  Sometimes, if he was tired or wanted privacy, he would sit in an empty passenger carriage and bark at people who tried to take a seat.  Bob never had to worry about where he would sleep or what he would eat.  He knew that every engine driver would take him home at night and give him a warm meal.

Bob Gets Honored

As Bob’s fame rose, people wanted to meet the legend.  They would invite him to special occasions in the towns he visited.  Bob became one of the most loved dogs of Australia.  He was given a collar with these words:


Stop me not, but let me jog,

For I am Bob, the drivers dog

 If you saw the movie, “Red Dog” you will know that another dog rode trucks and lorries and became equally famous.

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