Unicorns Come At Night by Pauline Gallagher Plus Bonus Feature

Unicorns Come At Night
Unicorns Come At Night – (art work a gift from Tina Green, France)



When a young person loses a pet, it is a painful experience.  This story is about a dying horse called Chestnut.




The much loved Chestnut
The much loved Chestnut

Before you decide never to buy such a depressing book, know that it has a remarkable moments.  In the book, I mention the “Happy Hunting Grounds.”  Native North American People (and others around the world) believe that all humans and animals will be reunited in the HH     Grounds.  The story has a happy ending.  It also points out the role of unicorns.  It is a story that gives hope in the fact of death.


I have also named the “Happy Hunting Grounds” as THE PLACE.  It is a life after death location.  I wanted it to be universal, so it is not called ‘heaven.’





These are some of my favorite animals. In this bonus feature I have covered each of these breeds of animal.   I have also looked at the Przewalski (the only true existing wild herself). Other wild horses are the generations of domesticated horses that have escaped.

Przewalski's truly wild horse
Przewalski’s truly wild horse

Horses are extremely clever but no one should stand behind a horse.  They have an automatic kick backwards if they are startled or scared.  Do you know the relatives of horses?   Would you include a rhino as a close family member?

Donkeys: Do you know which part of the world Donkeys still run wild?  With maps, I will tell you.  How long has the donkey been a working animal?  The answer may surprise you.

Unknown-1 Unknown-3

Fact:  Donkeys and Mules are NOT stubborn and you can find out the reason for this statement.

How do the above animals defend themselves.   Which of these two animals gets called a “Jenny?

How are donkeys and mules created?

What are Jacks/Johns and Molly/Mares?

Read my story about Polly who is a Molly.