Loss of a Pet Story: Unicorns Come at Night

The Loss of a Pet: Unicorns Come at Night


Have you lost a pet? Do you know someone who has lost a pet?

This is a sad time in a person’s life whether they are an adult, child or teenager. Pets become a friend.   When a pet dies, it is a sad time for the entire family.

My first dog was named Ricky Wooster. He was a beautiful Scottish Border Sheepdog and my best friend. He went everywhere with me. When he died, I could not stop crying. I was 9 years old at the time. My parents told me that Ricky Wooster was in Heaven and I would see him again. That made me feel a little better.


I now have an ebook about the loss of a horse. Jill is a young girl who has to face the fact that Chestnut, her lovely horse is going to die. The vet has done all that he can do for Chestnut.

Why would you want to read a book that is so sad? Why did I write a book like this one?


Sad Stories that Have a Happy Ending.

I think that you might consider reading this book called

“Unicorns Come at Night.” If you have lost a pet, you will know how Jill feels. However, Jill has a really unusual experience.

She hears Chestnut making horse sounds in the barn and on her way, she sees a beautiful white unicorn flying down from the sky.


All I can promise you, is that there is a twist in the story and there is a happy ending.