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Here in an opportunity to improve your spelling and word recognition.  A synonym is a word that sounds the same as another word but is spelled differently.  For example:  knight and night.

Here is my story.   copyright Pauline Gallagher.  ©


The old knight rode up to his castle during the night. Sir Goodly was a kind man and he vowed to leave the castle and all his money to Harry hare his heir.

Puffin bird
Puffin bird ………Harry watched the sick knight puffing and coughing into a handkerchief of a puffin bird.


Harry watched the sick knight puffing and coughing into a handkerchief of a puffin bird.

horse's voice is hoarse because he has a cold
horse’s voice is hoarse because he has a cold

“Wait,” shouted Harry Hare, “Let me carry some of the weight that you are carrying!” Sir Goodly was laughed.   “Harry Hare, just look at your hair It is blowing in all directions! Sir Goodly’s horse laughed, but the horse’s voice was hoarse.

“What’s wrong with your horse’s voice,” asked Harry Hare.“He has a bad cold and it just became worse, after we crossed the ocean during a bad gale.”

Harry the hare and heir
Harry the hare and heir

“Oh, No!” cried Harry. “I have some bad news.  A wicked witch named Gail,  told me she would come here after the gale at sea. Sir Goodly reached into his horse’s saddle and produced a red book from which he read the title. “Spells against Witches.”


Harry was delighted.  Suddenly, the knight froze in the night. “Did you hear that, Harry?”  The sound seems to be here.

“What kind of sound?” asked Harry.

“It was a mournful wail.  Just like a baby’s loud cry!”

The wail of a baby
The wail of a baby

The wail came again and Harry heard it this time.


“It is so loud a wail,” said Harry, “that is could come from a large whale!”


“It’s Gail in the gale!” shouted Harry. “I can see her flying towards us on a broom stick. Quick! Let’s pull up the moat bridge.”

Just as the drawbridge went up, Gail shot a fire bolt that made a hole near the castle wall.

Sir Goodly was concerned, “If she keeps shooting and making holes, then the whole castle might collapse!”


“The air smells of gunpowder,” said the heir who was twitching his hare nose. Suddenly, his face went pale with shock.

“Look, Sir Goodly,” shouted the hare whose hair stood up on ends. “There is fire coming out of the holes!”images-2

“Don’t stand there looking pale,” growled Sir Goodly, “Grab a pail of water and throw it over the walls of the castle.

The hare grabbed a pale of water and the knight instructed his horse to drink water and then spray it over the burning holes.

Soon the whole outside of the castle was no longer burning.

Gail, the witch yelled at them.

“I will return.”

The hare turned to Sir Goodly.   “Sir Knight, I just want to say that I did not like the way you shouted at me. It was not right, and I will write about it in my journal tonight.”

Sir Goodly was sorry.

“Harry. I am sorry for my harsh words.    I love you like a son.  Tomorrow, when the sun is out, we will ride past that tall beech tree and have a picnic on the beach.”


Harry hugged the knight and realized that the night was turning into day. “After a good sleep, I’ll make us a picnic lunch. I will be sure to include two pairs of pears. That will be four pears.”

a pair of pears
a pair of pears

“Make sure that Bongo the bear does not eat the two pairs of pears. That I could not bear to see the picnic basket bare with no food in it.”

unknown-1 unknown-11

They had a lovely picnic and the knight lived for many, many years.   © Pauline Gallagher ©  Not to be copied.

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