Bouncing Blue Ball: Kid’s Funny Illustrated eBook




The Bouncing Blue Ball is a fun adventure story. It begins with Brenda and Jeff bringing their dog, Dolly, to the pet store.  It is Dolly’s birthday and she picks out a blue ball.  In the evening, Dolly waits while Jeff pitches the baseball to Brenda.  She hits it so hard that:


“The ball bounced off the grass.                                                   It bounced off a park bench.                                                     It bounced off a small boy’s head                                            And it bounced into a baby stroller.”

This is a humorous story with verses like the above.

By a series of funny events, the stroller goes into a store and winds up in a grandmother’s shopping basket.  She puts it in a garbage can and so the adventure continues until the ball finds it way to a fast motorboat and the sea. There are many adventures involving sea creatures and the blue ball.  It travels over ships and mermaids.  Will it eventually return to Dolly the Dog?

All children’s books by Pauline Gallagher offer a bonus feature connected to the main story.  In the Bouncing Blue Ball, a feature is included on the lives of dolphins, octopuses, sharks and whales.  These are the sea creatures that played with the Bouncing Blue Ball.  The bonus contains facts, images, plus stories told from the point of view of individual sea mammals.

ALL Children’s books by Pauline Gallagher offer a related bonus feature.  This Bonus feature is  “Creatures of the Sea.”