Dandelions Have Feelings – Belinda’s Dandelion ebook Against Bullying

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Do you think that dandelions have feelings?  Many people play music to their plants and flowers.  They tell others that the plants move to the music.  They also believe that the flowers grow better and live longer.

Writing About Belinda’s Dandelion

One summer’s day, I looked out my window and saw row upon row of beautiful yellow flowers.  These were Canadian dandelions.   I live just north of Toronto where there are many lakes, tall trees and even bears!!

As I looked at these dandelions, I wondered why people call them ‘weeds.’ They look like flowers and they are as pretty as flowers.  I also knew that many years ago, pioneer family used dandelions as medicine.


In my mind, I wondered if flowers ever bullied dandelions growing beside them.  Would flowers yell out “you are just a weed!”    This gave me the idea to write a story called “Belinda’s Dandelion.”   It is available as an ebook on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks and other on line companies.   It has a bonus story with pictures that is called “Fun Facts About Dandelions.”

Tell your parents, teachers, pastor and family members that this is a book about bullying.   I think you will also like the little girl called Belinda.