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Hello, my name is Pauline
  Hello, my name is Pauline


Hello, and thank you for visiting this site. My name is Pauline Gallagher.

I am a retired teacher.  I love to write children’s stories.  I have four ebook stories that you might like to read now.  They are on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Apple iBooks Store.  Let me tell you about them:

images-3 copy 3Mrs. Claus and the November Visit

Mrs. Claus travels to New York City to stop a runaway boy!
Mrs. Claus travels to New YorkCity to stop a runaway boy! Bonus: Christmas Traditions World-Wide

This story won in the Canadian LibraryAssociation’s competition for short stories entered across Canada.  It was published in the book, “Winners’ Circle 6.”  Santa Claus gives Mrs. Claus a letter from a run-away boy.  Oliver lives in New York City.  Mrs. Claus hitches up Rudolph and the other reindeer.  Using her magic key, she enters Oliver’s house.  Will he still runaway?

Unicorns Come at Night


Jill knows that her beautiful horse, Chestnut is dying. In the middle of the night, she hears him call her.  On the way to the barn, she sees an incredible sight – it is a beautiful white unicorn coming down from a blanket of stars.  What will the unicorn do next.  This story has a happy ending.

Belinda’s Dandelion

Do you think dandelions have feelings?  Do flowers ever insult dandelions by calling them “weeds’?  This is a book about a beautiful dandelion that begins life amongst flowers who love her….until…………    You will really like a little girl named Belinda.  She is kind and a friend to all living things.


The Bouncing Blue Ball:  A very funny story.


It is Dolly’s birthday and she chooses a blue ball as her birthday gift.


Poor Dolly, her ball is hit out of the park.  It zooms over the grass, it bounces off a park bench, it hops off a small boy’s head and lands in a baby stroller.   Come and follow the blue ball as it enters supermarkets, hops into a granny’s shopping basket, gets thrown into the trash/garbage bin and goes to a landfill site.  From there it makes it way to the sea.  Will it ever return to Dolly the golden retriever?

THE FOLLOWING BOOKS will be  available around Christmas 2016.



Ranger Jabari and the African Animals ( Would you like to travel with three rangers across the Serengeti Plains of Africa?  Look at the images of elephants, zebras, lions, hippos, giraffes and monkeys.   Sit around the campfire and listen to the rangers tell African children’s stories.images-25

The Incredible Show and Tell Story: For years, the Jackson Twins have told TALL tales that the students can’t challenge!


This time, the twin’s Show and Tell story is so INCREDIBLE that their classmates demand proof!  Even the Principal becomes upset when television cameras invade the school.



Leon goes to Canada while Crissy goes to Florida
Leon goes to Canada while Crissy goes to Florida

Different Spring Breaks:  Leon and Crissy are best friends at school in New York City.  When the school break arrives, Leon goes by train to the snowy land of Canada, while Crissy flies south to the sunny state of Florida.

At the end of the story, you can decide which place you liked the best.  The Bonus book invites you to see and read about Winter in Canada.



This is a fun story where Little Bo Peep asks nursery rhyme characters to help find her sheep.  Humpty Dumpty can’t really help, but the soldiers that couldn’t put him together again, join in the search.  Meet Pinocchio, Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, three good fairies and the wicked witch.  Can anyone find Bo Peep’s sheep?


Unknown-3 copy

Thank you for taking the time to read this page.   Pauline

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