Lily Born: Invents the Kangaroo Cup for Grandfather

Lily with her grandfather
Lily with her grandfather

Lily Born looked at her grandfather and noticed how Parkinson’s disease was affecting him. He found it difficult to move and his hands were no longer able to hold cups or mugs. He had shaky movements that made him spill drinks that he was holding.   Lily wanted to help her grandfather and she did. She invented what has been named as the Kingaroo Cup.  She did this in pottery class and she showed it to her dad, who is an inventor.

Lily with her father
Lily with her father


Having a Good Idea, but Needing Money

Lily, her family and friends contacted KICKSTARTER that is a fund raiser site that helps people with good ideas. Lily raised just over the $6,000 (£3,540) she needed for production in 30 days.

What is the Kangaroo Cup?

The Kangaroo Cup
The Kangaroo Cup

Lily’s plan produced the first Kangaroo cup but it was ceramic. It was very stable with its three legs. However, the first cups were ceramic which meant that they could chip or break easily.   The next step would be to produce a plastic Kangaroo cup. That would cost a lot more money. Lily, family and friends went back to KICKSTART. They showed the ceramic design and how great the cup would be for people with shaking hands. KICKSTART was impressed particularly when the design would be plastic, stackable and come in beautiful colours. Another thing that impressed the people of KICKSTART was that the cup was that it didn’t splash or needed a coaster.

Great at 11 Years of Age

Thanks to 11 year old Lily, older people and people with Parkinson’s disease are holding her cup. Her idea eventually raised of $25,000 or (£14,740) which is British money.

Did Lily Have Heroes in Her Life?

Lily has been interviewed many times. She lives in Chicago, USA.

Her mom and dad are her heroes. She has watched her dad build many things to help people. Her dad is an inventor, so I guess inventions run in the family. Her mom is a police officer who is called upon to negotiate (talk) with criminals who are often holding hostages. She has watched the love of her grandmother. She is the wife of the man with Parkinson’s disease and Lily’s grandfather.

Lily’s Thinking

Lily’s invention succeeded and was recognized. However, she states that if she had only invented ten (10) Kangaroo cups, she would have helped TEN people. Now, she helps hundreds.   I agree with Lily, if we can help even ONE person, by a smile or a friendly word, then we have made the world a better place. You can do it!   Pauline

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