Breeder Puppy or Rescue Dog. You Decide.

There are some beautiful puppies out there to bring home.  Friends of mine decided to get a cockapoo (a puppy whose mother and father were a cocker spaniel or a poodle).  They paid a lot of money.  This was their decision.  Yes, they are cute.  Here are pictures of cockapoos.


A coin has two sides – often called “heads” or “tails.”   Sometimes, there are different views.

Let me tell you a story about Max.   He was in an animal rescue shelter for nearly three years.  The problem with Max was he barked non-stop.  People didn’t want to adopt him.  Then, a worker decided to bring Max home.  He did not bark.   He was just trying to tell people, “Please get me out of here.”   Of course, humans did not understand the message of his barking.

People breed cute dogs for money, but there are already dogs in need of a loving home.

Here are cute dogs that are living in shelters.

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It’s your coin – you decide.

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