Blare’s Bears: 13 Year Old Sends 25,000 Teddy Bears to Haiti

The 2010 Earthquake that Hit Haiti

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Six years ago, a terrible earthquake hit the little island of Haiti.   This is a country with many poor people. When an earthquake hits a country like Haiti, many of their homes are not strong and built with bricks. Instead, they are often wooden shelters and are easily blown away and so is the little furniture they may own.

Far away from Haiti in 2010, Blare Gooch sat looking at the television in his home in Grand Rapids (USA). Blare was shocked to se a little boy crying in a pile of rubble. Blare wanted to do something, but what could he do? He sat by the television set with tears in his eyes. I am sure that many children felt the same way that Blare did, but there was a difference, Blare intended to do something positive to help.

It was so obvious to Blare that other children in Haiti were suffering as well. Blare knew that when he was sad, his teddy bear was his best friend. The presence of his teddy bear made him happy.   “Wow,” an idea entered Blare’s head. “I will try and get teddy bears for the unhappy kids of Haiti.”

Blare the hero with some teddy bears
Blare the hero with some teddy bears

Blare’s School was Happy to Help.

Blare quickly told his idea to his teacher and school friends. The school principal let him use the PA system. Blare asked his fellow students to donate teddy bears for Haiti.

A Radio Station Becomes Involved

This world needs to hear ‘good news,’ and so a radio station was very proud of this 13 year old student named Blare Gooch. His idea was then put on Facebook and soon other schools joined in.

Can One Young Person Make a Big Difference ? YES.

Happy kids in Haiti receive the teddy bears

Blare’s action and the love of others resulted in 25,000 teddy bears being shipped to Haiti children. The project was called Blare’s Bears For Haiti. There was even another 22,000 teddy bears to be sent off to other needy children.

The Following Year – 2011

Even after the teddy bears were shipped to Haiti, Blare and his supporters worked the next year on getting school supplies to Haiti.

Blare’s advice to other kids is simple. “It doesn’t really matter how small or old you are,” he says. “If you’re young and think you can’t make a big difference in the world, well, you actually can.”

Remember that you don’t have to do ‘everything’ yourself.  Come up with a good idea that has love in it – and spread the idea.  There are enough great people – young and old – who may wish to help you.

So, if you can get involved with the support of your parents, school or community – GO FOR IT.