Is it a Branch – an Owl- or a Tawny Frogmouth Bird?


I am in Australia.  A friend of mine told me to come and look up a tree.  She asked me what I saw.  For a moment, I could only see the tree bark – and suddenly – there it was, a big Tawny Frogmouth.

Poppa Tawny Frogmouth taken by me
Poppa Tawny Frogmouth taken by me.  It looks like a branch of a tree!

“Look up further,” encouraged my friend.  “Wow,” I replied, “It’s a mother with her baby!”   What a camouflage!  I thought the first Tawny Frogmouth was a branch of the tree!



The baby was interested in my camera
Mamma was watching me in order to protect her baby

Some Facts:

Tawny Frogmouths are NOT owls. They do not have owl talons on their feet. However,  like owls they are active at night.  Stiff bristle surround their beak.  These ‘whiskers’ may help them to notice flying insects.  They also eat spiders, worms, snails and frogs.  They are a family large bird measuring 34 cm to 53 cm.

Frogmouths mate for life. The mother Frogmouth lays 2-3 eggs.  The greatest threat to the Tawny Frogmouth is from cars.   They often chase insects that are attracted to car lights and then get hit.

This was another great Australian experience.



Belinda’s Dandelion: ebook Story About Bullying

As a young person,  you know about bullying.  Maybe you have seen it happen to other students.  Maybe it has happened to you.  Hopefully, you were not the bully, but if you were – you can say “sorry” and start again.  Everyone makes mistakes.  Everyone needs to be the best person that he or she can be.   Here is part of the story.   I hope you like it.




It was a warm spring day, when a Dandelion woke up and took her first look at a beautiful world. All around her were dazzling colors, wonderful scents and delightful sounds.

There were other plants in the garden. They had also bloomed for the first time. These plants were dressed  in nature’s finest clothes. The little Dandelion was quick to tell everyone how beautiful each one looked.

The Crocus felt the Dandelion’s love and said, “Dandelion, your head is like the color of the sun. You are very pretty plant.”

The Dandelion was happy to live in a garden where plants were friendly and kind to one another.



Night came to the garden. The plants began to whisper goodnight. Suddenly, an angry plant yelled out in the darkness.

“It is NOT a goodnight! We have a weed amongst us.”

“What’s a weed?” asked the Dandelion.

The angry plant made herself tall as she spoke.


“A weed is useless and ugly. Sometimes, it even tries to look like a flower.”

The Dandelion had more questions.

“Who are you? How do you know such things?”

The angry plant twisted her stem and shook her petals.

“I am a perennial. This means that I bloom each year. Tomorrow, the gardener will water the flowers and pull out ugly weeds.”

The Dandelion looked around her. The moon had began to shine her light on the plants. They looked so pretty.

“Lady Perennial,” said the Dandelion respectfully. “I see no weeds in this garden. Everyone is different and each plant is beautiful.”        The Perennial twisted her stem again and hissed at the dandelion.


“Stupid Dandelion! You are the only horrible weed among us!”

The Dandelion shivered with fear as all of the plants looked in her direction.

A Pansy spoke up.

“Lady Perennial, who decides which plant is a flower and which plant is a weed?”

“Humans made this decision a long time ago.” answered the Perennial.

The Pansy was confused. “But, she looks and speaks like one of us. I don’t think we should put her down by calling her a bad name. That would make us bullies.”

“Weeds have no feelings!” replied the Perennial. “They cannot feel pain like plants.”

The Dandelion did feel the pain of the Perennial’s words. She turned to her friend the Crocus.

“Dear Crocus, you told me that my head was like the sun. Please tell me that the Perennial’s words are untrue.”

Now, the Crocus was afraid of the Perennial. If she stood up for the Dandelion, maybe the Perennial would pick on her, too.

“I never said that your head was like the sun. You, Dandelion are just a lying weed!”


Well done, Crocus!” shouted the Perennial. “You spoke like a proud flower. That is the way to speak to weeds!”

The Crocus felt happy even if she did tell a lie.

The poor Dandelion began to feel that she was ugly. She hung her head in shame.

The Rose looked at the Dandelion. She knew that she should act with love in her heart. After all, humans gave Roses as a sign of love on earth.

“Lady Perennial,” said the Rose gently, “I don’t see why weeds cannot live peacefully beside flowers. I think that everyone is equal in the garden.”

To the Dandelion’s surprise, the other flowers began to agree with the Rose.

The Perennial thought about what the Rose had said. She did not think that flowers and weeds were equal. She had made up her mind to hate weeds. The Perennial began to think of a way to trick the flowers into thinking what she believed.

“I come from a rich and clever family,” said the Perennial. Grandfather Perennial fought a war to get rid of weeds. Many, many flowers told him that he did the right thing. Do you want weeds taking over the ground in which you are growing.?”

“No weed will do that to me!” yelled the Lily.

The Perennial continued to tell lies.

“Grandmother Perennial told me that weeds cannot be trusted. They might look and act like flowers, but they are dirty and stupid!”

“I think you are a little unkind!” said the Rose. “Should we not give the Dandelion a chance? Let us not judge her by the way other Dandelions may have acted.”

The Perennial shook her head.

“Rose, you are a beautiful flower, but I do not think that you are clever. Only clever flowers know that flowers are better than weeds!”

“That’s right!” shouted the Lily.

The Rose wanted to be popular in the garden. She forgot about loving. She wanted the other flowers to think of her as beautiful and clever.

“My Rose family would not like weeds living near them. The garden will no longer be a special place if weeds live here. It will become a wild jungle.”

“Well done, my clever and beautiful Rose,” laughed the Perennial. “This is a garden of clever and beautiful flowers who know they are better than weeds.”

“Death to ugly weeds!” yelled the Marigold.

“Yes, death to all ugly weeds!” screamed the Perennial hissing and spitting in the direction of the Dandelion.

Soon, every flower was yelling hateful words. They had ganged up on one small plant and they did not feel ashamed.

The night became darker as the flowers shouted mean words. The moon took away her light. The stars hid behind the clouds. Mother Nature cried, and her tears fell as rain.


The little Dandelion was now alone. It did not matter to her if she lived or if she died. She sobbed herself to sleep. Tomorrow, the gardener would pull her out of the ground.

Unknown to the Dandelion, a little girl named Belinda had been looking out his window. Of all the plants in the garden, she liked the Dandelion the best. She would water all the plants and the Dandelion because she had love in her heart. She would explain to the gardener that she wanted her lovely Dandelion weed to live with the flowers. Surely, he would understand.



End of Sample Story.

If you wish to read the entire story then here is what to do.

Down load it on to your kindle, iPad, laptop, computer or iPhone.  Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple iBooks and other distributors.   Please tell your friends.

World’s Youngest Movie Director – Saugat Bista

World’s Youngest Movie Director unknown-10
Saugat Bista got his name into the Guinness World Records by being the youngest director at 7 years of age.  His movie, “Love you Baba” was made where he was born in the country of Nepal.  The word “Baba” means “father.”
What Was the Plot of the Movie?
The story is about a single father names Sushant.  He is trying to take care of his 10 year old daughter Chanchal.  Sushant’s wife died giving birth to Chanchal.  Her father is a good man, but when he falls in love with another woman, life gets difficult for his daughter.
There have been many child movie stars, but a child director is unusual.