Baby Elephant Rescued by Indian Villages

Children and teens gathered around a well in India and told the baby elephant not to be afraid.


baby elephant rescue

The baby elephant fell into the well late in the evening, and the elephant’s mother spent 11 hours trying to dig her out without success.  Every time the mother tried the muddy place made her sink in.  The villagers tried to take over, but the mother was upset.  She did not understand that the villagers were trying to help.

Darkness Comes


With darkness covering the area, there was little the villagers could do until the next morning. A small group stayed and accompanied the mother in her fruitless attempts to save her baby.

The Next Morning

By the next morning, the villagers knew time was running out.  They had a plan to try and get the mother away from the well.  This could be done by trying to feed her.

The owner of a banana farm sent workers to bring fruit from his plantation. As it turned out, the villagers were right: the exhausted mother left the well to eat.

Quick, let’s Get to the Baby!

The brave villagers began to dig with shovels.  They were afraid that the mother elephant would come back and think the villagers were going to harm her baby.

Now, with the baby nearer to the top of the hole, the mother was able to lift the baby out with her trunk.  Everyone cheered.  The children danced.  No one had wanted the baby to die.   It’s great when humans can help animals.  Always be kind to insects, birds and animals.  Never throw stones at them or use sling-shots.  Animals when hurt, can be in pain for hours.  Thank you.