Five Year Old Police Officer – Given a Badge and Salute


Oliver Davis
Oliver Davis

Can you be five years of age and bring happiness to seniors? The answer is “Yes.” There is a five year old who lives in Kansas, USA who dresses up in his kid’s cop’s uniform and visits nursing homes. His name is Oliver Davis.

Oliver Wants to be a Police Officer.

When Olvier puts on his uniform, he takes his job seriously. Police officers promise to serve and protect. He serves the community by visiting older people. He politely asks each person if it is o.k to give a hug, a rose or a kiss. Naturally, nearly everyone says “Yes.”


Checking on the Rest of the Community

Every morning, Oliver puts on his uniforms and rides his motorcycle to check on some neighbours. He uses his radar gun to check for speeders. Of course, since he is not a real police officer, he cannot arrest anyone, but he is practising for the time when he will be a real police officer.

Real Police Reward Oliver

The love that Oliver spreads was recognized by the local police station. He was made an honorary police office and given a badge. Just remember you are never too young, or too old, to be kind to others.