Seven Year Old Lennon Wins Fundraiser of the Year – JustGiving 2015

Can you see Cambodia on the map?
Lennon and his mom raise $5,000 American dollars
Lennon and his mom raise $5,000 American dollars

How Did He win?  What did he do?

Lennon was quite upset when he learned that many children in Cambodia have to walk over 3 km to get to school.  He decided to raise money to get bikes for these kids.  He asked his mom if he could walk 3.8 km from school to his home once a week for an entire school term.  The year was 2015.

How Much Did Lennon Raise?

Lennon and his supporters raised a whopping $5,000 (Australian dollars).  With this money Lennon was delighted to know that 50 children living in Cambodian villages would now have bikes to ride to school.


The Votes Come In

The organization JustGiving gave all fun raisers a 24-hour period to secure as many votes on Facebook.  Lennon won.  The Australian public liked what he and his supporters did for the children of Cambodia.

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