Doing Chores Cheerfully – Look No-one Including Adults Like Them!


03_chorewithloveAs a kid, I didn’t like chores.  However, I was a Girl Guide and we promised to be kind to others – and – that included our parents.  Moms and dad work hard and worry about their kids.  They place food on the table, pay the bills and buy kids clothes and things.  Hey, isn’t it time we paid them back by doing a few helpful things around the house?

Little Things – Help-Big Time!

Do you see something on the floor that should be on a shelf or somewhere else.  “Think kindness” and just pick it up.  That’s called a good deed.  It also means that mom or dad does not have to do it.

the-secret-to-not-fighting-with-your-kids-over-their-messy-room-jpg images-3 imagesKeep Your Room Tidy

Yes, it is your room, but being tidy can be a great gift to YOURSELF.  I hate looking for things – so when I was young, I just kept things tidy.  I realized that I was spending too much of my time looking for things.  Being tidy means you have more time for yourself.

Being Tidy is Being Organized

Kids often fail tests and exams because they are not tidy.  They throw papers everywhere instead of putting them in a notebook.  I mean, how long does that take – a few second, a minute or two.  The payoff is that you can find those notes to study and pass!  Not a bad deal and you are doing it for yourself.  You are being your own best friend.

Get Ready the Night Before

If you wear a school uniform then you know what you are going to where, but is the shirt clean?  If you don’t wear a school uniform, pick your clothes out the night before.  It just makes life easier for you.

Helping Others to Organize

You can’t bully another student into forcing him or her to put notes away. If the person is friendly, you can suggest why organizing will help him or her to pass.  If the person is NOT friendly, then mind your own business.

images-5Be aware of life around you.  Do you see that woman with grocery bags? Can you open the door for her?  When you are in a grocery store, can you ask mom to buy one extra can of food for the hungry?

Being kind and helpful makes a person happy.  Be happy!03_chorewithlove