Kids – Grab a Food Item Each Time You Visit the Supermarket

No, I’m nor asking you to STEAL.  I am simply saying that it is a great habit to just take one extra item – say, a can of beans or soup and place it in your shopping cart.  After going through the cashier, take that item and put it in the Food Bank.  By doing this every time you shop, it makes sure that people who need food don’t have to wait until the big food drives of Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving.

Many of us take food for granted.  We know that we can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner(supper) every day.  This is not the case of poor families.  It is even worse if you are a child in a developing country.  We go home and ask “What’s for dinner?”  In a poor developing country, kids go home and as, “Is there any dinner?”

Donating Our Time

If you are an older student, you can get your parents’ permission to volunteer at a food shelter or place where you can stack food.  There are soup kitchens, where a meal can be served to people who live on the street or who are ‘down on their luck.’

How We See People

Someone at a food bank or soup kitchen may have just lost a job.  Some people have problems where their health stops them from working.  If we see someone who may not be dressed in the latest style, we should not look down on them.  Last year, that person may have been rich and had something terrible happen to them.

Just Think – What If This Was Me!

No one plans to be poor.  No one plans to be homeless.  Let’s just think what it must be like for these people.  Don’t judge anyone.  Be kind.