Jabari and the African Animals




Dear Reader,

I am taking you on an African ranger patrol.  They look after the animals on the Serengeti Plains of Tanzania.  They are also watching for poachers who kill animals.  In this story, there will be a shoot-out between the rangers and the poachers.  It is better that we are invisible so we won’t get hurt.  Being invisible allows us to travel with three great rangers named Jabari, James and Ahmed.  Jabari is the leader and he likes to sing and tell great African stories.  You will learn that there was a time when humans had no stories.  They belonged to the Sky-God and Anansi the Trickster-Spider wanted them.  The Sky-God gives Anansi three great challenges.  Later, around the campfire, Jabari will tell about the fight between two volcanoes that lived on Mount Kilimanjaro.  This is the highest mountain in Africa.

Another story is about the great fight of two volcanoes on Mount Kilimanjaro – the highest mountain in Africa.  Are you ready to travel with the rangers and see African animals: elephants, giraffes, lions, hippos and wilderbeest?

Getting Ready to Travel

First, let’s look at the map of Africa. We will be travelling in the country of Tanzania.  Our plane will land at the capital city of Dodoma.  Make sure that you have your passport, camera, suitcase and Tanzanian money.


We Have Arrived in Tanzania

Wow, it’s hot now in Dodoma.  There are about 47 million people living in Tanzania and about 4 million wild animals mostly on the Serengeti.  Let’s go to a cafe and order a cold drink.  Have you enough Tanzanian schillings?  You can order your cold drink in English or Swahili which are the two official languages.



Let’s take our cold drink and watch planes landing.  There are planes  arriving from the eight countries that surround Tanzania: Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique.

Our Taxi is Waiting For Us.

We will take the taxi to the hotel to get a good sleep.  The next morning we will get into our invisible jeep and follow the rangers.

As we walk out to the taxi, we will pass by the Tanzanian flag and a big poster of the President.


This is President John Pombe Joseph Maguli and beside him is the flag of Tanzania.   There are about 47 million people living in Tanzania.

You walk towards the taxi stand.  A tall slender man shakes your hand and welcomes you to his country.  His name is Enzi.  He laughs and tells you that his name in the Swahili language means “the powerful one.”


Enzi likes to talk and he tells you he is proud of his country.

“ We have the highest mountain of all the African countries.  It is called Mount Kilimanjaro.”

He beeps his horn and waves to a friend.

“Do you know that Tanzania might be the oldest country in the world?”

You ask him to explain.

“Well, scientists say that they foundest the oldest human skull here, so perhaps, the first humans may have lived in Tanzania.”

You are impressed and say, “Wow!”

Enzi laughs, “ We have the largest extinct volcano called Ngorongoro and

the  largest lake called Lake Victoria.  He passes you a map and a picture of Lake Victoria.  On the map you can see the Serengeti Plains and you wonder where the rangers are at the moment.



You look at the window and notice that some people appear to be wearing tribal clothes.  You ask Enzi how many tribes there are in Tanzania and he replies, ‘about one hundred and twenty.’

Enzi turns the taxi into the driveway of a large hotel and you notice that the reception area is filled with African carvings and beautiful wall hangings.  Enzi waves goodbye.  It has been a long flight and you are anxious to have a shower and go to bed.  You pull back the bedspread with its beautiful cover of African wildlife and fall asleep.


It is very early the next morning, when we approach our invisible jeep. It drives itself and the signs point towards the Serengeti National Park.  The sky has not yet turned blue.  Inside the park, the first animal that you see is a majestic female lion.  She blends in with the orange sun and sky.

We arrive at the rangers’ camp.  We park our invisible jeep just feet away from their fire.  We smell the porridge breakfast cooking and Jabari, the head ranger, removes a hot pot of water from the fire.  He makes three mugs of tea.  We watch as his two ranger friends, James and Ahmed wake up.  If we just sit and watch, we will get to know some things about the rangers.

Hey Kids! Give Compliments to One Another but Be Genuine

How did you feel when you received a compliment?  Were you embarrassed or did it feel really good?

Being kind means that you share, say nice things and give compliments when they are deserved.  Don’t overdo it or it will seem fake!  If you give too many, people will think that you are not sincere. Choose carefully.  If you can give one or two good compliments that you can be proud each day.

Don’t be jealous!  If someone on your teams scores a goal, compliment him or her.  Perhaps, you don’t score many goals, but everyone has something that they do that deserves a compliment.  Compliment your mom or dad if they prepare a good meal, but don’t thank them for every vegetable on the plate.

Helping goes with compliments.  If you really enjoyed the meal that was prepared for you, not only compliment the chef, but help clear the table or do the washing up.

Always be the best person you can be – and – forgive yourself for mistakes.  Next time, you can do better.

Source: Acts of Kindness – Advent Calendar

I have adapted it for kids.