Butterfly Facts for Kids: Interesting!


How Long Do Butterflies Live?

They can live from 2 days to 11 months.  Females live longer than males.

What is the Fastest Speed of any Butterfly?

Some species can fly up to 30 miles an hour or

80 km per hour.


How Many Species of Butterflies Exist?

About 28,000 (Twenty-eight thousand)

What are the Parts of a Butterfly?

The head, the thorax (chest), and the abdomen (bottom).

They have four wings and six legs.

Why are they called “Butter -flies?”

Years ago they were noticed flying around buckets of milk that was going to made in butter – so, “butter -flies.”

Where are Most Butterflies Found in the World?

Most live in tropical rainforests, but they can be found in most partsof the world.

How Do Butterflies Get Their Food?

Butterflies use their long tube-like tongues to sip the nectar and pollen from flowers.  They help flowers to pollenate (grow in other places) by carrying the pollen from one set of flowers to other flowers growing in another place.

What does the word “Metamorphosis” mean?

(the word sounded out  is  (Meta-mor-fizz-is.)

Butterflies change as they live.

They start out as an egg and then become a caterpillar.  the caterpillar changes to a chrysalis and the chrysalis becomes a butterfly.