Mozart’s Life for Kids: Musical Genius

Most people would agree that a person does not ‘become’ a genius, that person is born a genius.  A genius usually shows his or her special talents at an early life.   This is the case of Wolfgang Mozart.

The Talented Mozart Family

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Austria in 1756.  His father loved music and conducted a choir.  He was taught and composed music.

Maria Anna (Nanneri)

His sister Maria Anna (nickname Nanneri) was seven and already learning to play the keyboard (piano).  Mozart was only three but his father decided he would have to wait another year before learning the keyboard.

Amazing Wolfgang

Age 4:    Everyone was amazed, when 4 year old Wolfgang played the keyboard  He barely made a mistake and his playing was very skilful knowing when to play loudly, softly, quickly and slowly.

Age 5: When Mozart turned 5 he started to write or compose short pieces of music.

He could not write the musical notes, so his father wrote them down.

Age 6: Wolfgang Mozart and his sister Nanneri Mozart began a sister and brother tour of the rest of Europe with their father.  Mozart was still only six years old when he learned to play the violin and organ.


Age 8:  Wolfgang wrote two sonatas or pieces of music for the harpsichord.


The Teenage Years

Age 13: Mozart wrote his first opera at the request of the Emperor (who is like a king).  It is obvious that as a teenager he was known throughout many countries.

From Saltzburg to Vienna

Wolfgang was born in Salzburg (Austria), but by the time he was around 25 years of age he was known as one of the most accomplished (best) keyboard (piano) players in Australia.

At the End of His Life

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died at the early age of 35 years old.  In his short life, he had written more than 600 pieces of music.  These compositions (pieces of music) were written for piano, individual instruments and an orchestra.  He also wrote several operas.  He is considered a musical genius.

A genius is not good at everything!  What everyone can do is to try their best.  For most of us, somethings are easy while other things are more difficult.  We must not give up too quickly.