USA & Canada Bring Two Blind Cows Together

Getting to know you. Getting to know all about you. Getting to like you and hoping that you’ll like me too.

Once upon a time (and this is a true story) there were two blind cows living in different countries.

They were getting old and they were lonely. Tricia on the left lived in the USA – and- Sweetie on the right lived in Canada.   It was a distance of 560 km, but Sweetie was willing to find a new friend in the USA.

The Kind Rescue People on Both Sides of the Border

Sweetie aged  8 years and blind, had a hoof infection.  Canadian rescue workers wanted a friend for Sweetie.  On the other side of the border, American rescue workers had a 12 year old cow called Tricia. She had lost her best bovine (cow) friend to cancer.  Cows are herd animals which means they like being with other animals of their kind.

A Blanket For Sweetie

Sweetie with her Canadian blanket

Both blind Sweetie and Tricia were lonely and needed a friend.  Sweetie arrived at a veterinary hospital in Lachute, Quebec.  She was given a warm blanket because she had lived in barns all her life and there was snow outside as it was winter.

Moo-Moo…. and…. Who are YOU?



Sweetie and Tricia although both were blind were able to smell one another.  They were in different corrals and began to talk – mo0 moo- to one another.  I wonder what they said? LOL.

The First Bump of Hello

Nose to nose the two cows met.  Sweetie is tall and bony with a white patch on her forehead.  She bumped gently into Tricia.  Now, Tricia is shorter and has a black and white coat.


Cows can’t obviously hug, but they can put their noses together and nose (nuzzle) each other’s head.  Now, Tricia and Sweetie are BFFs or Bovine Friends Forever).

Let Me Help You, Sweetie!

Tricia is able to guide her new friend, Sweetie, because this is her home and she knows what obstacles might be in the way.


They eat and walk together and lie side by side to sleep.

Two Old Sayings:

  1. Love may be blind.  (People in love often do not see the other person’s faults)
  2. Seeing is Believing.    Something that you might not ‘see’ in your mind, you can believe when you see it).

They say that love may be blind, but it’s a matter of seeing is believing. Video of Sweet and Tricia’s first meeting: