How About These Weird Records?

Most students know about the Guinness Book of World Records.  However, there are some weird records that people have chosen to try and they have succeeded.   Now, don’t do any of these weird things.  You don’t want to end up in the hospital.

Most Balloons Blown Up by the Nose

Andrew Dahl

People have set a time of three minutes for this unusual record.  The idea is to blow up balloons with your nose.  The winner so far is American Andrew Dahl, “inflated 23 balloons using only his nose in three minutes” on March 18, 2010. And, yes, there’s a photo of Mr. Dahl, blowing up a balloon with his nose.

Some Records Come Naturally

Boo Boo didn’t have to work hard to get a record.  She is a long-haired female Chihuahua who became the world’s smallest dog at 4 inches tall.

Boo Boo beside a box of matches
Boo Boo beside a bottle of Coke and a handbag

I hope that “Giant George” did not stand beside Boo Boo.  He is a great Dane and he measures 43 inches tall.  He is the world’s tallest dog.

Big George
                           Big George – “Sit Boy!:”

A Human Qualifies Naturally

Zhao Liang is a 27 year old Chinese man.  He is about 8 feet 1 inch tall.  He weighs 341 pounds.   He is so tall that when he holds up pants/trousers to put on, they are the same height as his 5 foot 6 inch mother.

           His 5 ft. 6 mother





Top Girl Scout Cookie Seller Get Big Checks/Cheque on the Jimmy Fallon TV Show


How cool is this?   Sell something and find yourself on the evening television?   This is what a Girl Scout did and she found herself on the Jimmy Fallon Show.

Want a Big Check/Cheque, Too?

Katie with Jimmy Fallon

Katie Francis was thrilled to talk to Jimmy Fallon.   She told him that she had spent seven happy years in the organisation (Brownies/Girl Scouts).  She was proud to have been all ‘cookie’ (biscuits) records of over 100,000 boxes.   Jimmy Fallon bought a box -I am sure he bought more afterwards. Then he had someone come out with a huge blown up check/cheque for $15,000 dollars.   Katie could not hide her surprise.

Katie Worked Hard 

When Katie was waiting to walk on to the Jimmy Fallon Show, I am sure she looked back at all the hard work that had got her this far.   For weeks, she sold boxes of cookies/biscuits in freezing cold weather. She sang and danced to keep herself warm – and to pass the time – when customers were probably warm in their homes.

Katie used her time selling in the knowledge that every box sold would help the Girl Scouts of America.   Some companies are in poor neighbourhoods and need money to buy uniforms.   Katie was a ‘sister’ to these girls.   We need to be ‘brothers and sisters’ to kids who are not in our immediate family.  Be kind.  Never bully.  And, be happy.

Cats and Kittens: Cute Images on Great Kid’s Website

Cats are amazing animals.  If you see a group of cats, they are called a Chowder, but if you see a group of kittens, you are watching a kindle.  You may name your cats, but a male cat is called a Tom and a female cat is called a Molly or a Queen.

How Long Do You Sleep?

You probably do not sleep as long as a cat.  They sleep between 16-18 hours a day.

How Heavy is your Cat?

Unless you own a lion or tiger, your cat weights around 4-5 kg or 8-11 lbs or pounds.  The heaviest cat on record weighed over 21 kilograms or over 46 lbs.

Famous People and Cats

The Emperor Napoleon and the Roman Julius Caesar were afraid of cats.  If a cat was afraid of a human, it could jump 7 times its own height to get away.

Tell Me About A Cat’s Body, Please.

  1. Cats have 24 whiskers and 203 bones.  b) a cat’s tongue is rough and has little hooks.  These hooks act like a comb so that pussycat can clean him or herself.  c) a cat can see 6 times better than you!   d) You have finger prints but a cat’s nose is a ‘finger print” or “nose print” that is unique.

Do you Have a Talking Cat?

Well, of course, a cat can’t speak in human words but it does have over 100 sounds.   Did you think it only said, “meeee-ow.”

Making Faces 

Humans can make faces because they can move their jaws up and down and left and right     A cat can only move its jaw up and down.  Don’t ever try to move it side to side as you may break its jaw.

Loving Your Cats and Dogs (Any Pets)

Throwing stones or beating any animal can cause terrible and long lasting pain.  When humans get hurt, they can take an aspirin or go to the doctor or hospital for pain medication.   A wild animal or bird cannot do this.  If a stone injures its eye or body, it will be in pain for hours and may even die. If it dies, it then cannot feed its young.  Be a friend to all living creatures – and don’t let anyone else hurt them.   Thank you.

No.1 Girl Scout of Cookies Sales – How Many Did She Sell?


Fifteen year old Girl Scout, Katie Francis lives in Oklahoma City, USA.   Girl Scouts are called Girl Guides in other countries.  I was one, maybe, you are in Guides or Scouts, Brownies or Cubs?

Imagine How Many Boxes She Sold

Katie Francis has been in the organisation for seven years.  She smashed all recent cookie sales (biscuits) by reaching 100,100 bones.

How Does She Do It?

Katie has told everyone that she has three rules:

  1. “Time” – You need to devote as much time as you can.
  2. “Commitment:” – You have to want to do it.
  3. “Ask Everyone.:” – Don’t get shy if a few people have refused.  Keep asking.

 Use every hour of the day
Cookie season usually only goes on for a few short months each spring. That means there’s no time to lose, says Katie.
“I go out selling cookies until I get home at night. And on Saturdays I sell all day long. I take every single hour that I can to go sell,” she says.
Do A Good Set Up
“I make sure that I have all my signs ready. I have a few that I put up on my cookie booth that advertise what we’re doing for that year — what my goal is, what my troupe is going to be doing,” she explains.

“Whenever there’s good weather a lot of girls are always out so the market gets kinda saturated, and other years it’s absolutely freezing and snowing, and not many people want to stop at a booth to buy,” Katie notes.  But, she knows that if she is there in bad weather, people like her commitment.

)It’s not a contest – be kind to other cookie sellers
Besides, she notes, “one of the last lines of our Girl Scout law is ‘be a sister to every Girl Scout,’ and everyone always follows that. It’s really amazing.”

 Sing and Dance
When sales are slow, she explains, “I like to sing and dance to help attract customers’ attention.”
“I’ve sung songs to Christmas tunes, Girl Scout songs and popular songs. ‘Do You Want to Build a Snowman’ is a real popular one,” she observes, citing the tune from Disney’s “Frozen” movie.
Even if you are not a Scout or Girl Guide, you can learn from Katie Francis.
She does not give up.    She thinks of others because the sales helps other
Scouts and Guides.   Be the best that you can be.

Kids: Here Are Dogs That Look Like Their Owners

These pictures are not to make fun of people.  The people have given permission to have their photos taken.  Never, never tell anyone that they look like their pets.  People would think that you are rude and it would certainly hurt the person owing the animal.

Be Our Guest Song: Beauty and the Beast for Kids

Be Our Guest
Be our guest
Be our guest
Put our service to the test
Tie your napkin ’round your neck, cherie
And we provide the rest
Soup du jour
Hot hors d’oeuvres
Why, we only live to serve
Try the grey stuff, it’s delicious
Don’t believe me? Ask the dishes
They can sing
They can dance
After all, Miss, this is France
And a dinner here is never second best
Go on, unfold your menu
Take a glance and then you’ll
Be our guest
Oui, our guest
Be our guest
Beef ragout
Cheese souffle
Pie and pudding “en flambe”
We’ll prepare and serve with flair
A culinary cabaret
You’re alone
And you’re scared
But the banquet’s all prepared
No one’s gloomy or complaining
While the flatware’s entertaining
We tell jokes
I do tricks
With my fellow candlesticks
And it’s all in perfect taste that you can bet
Come on and lift your glass
You’ve won your own free pass
To be out guest
If you’re stressed
It’s fine dining we suggest
Be our guest
Be our guest
Be our guest
Life is so unnerving
For a servant who’s not serving
He’s not whole without a soul to wait upon
Ah, those good old days when we were useful
Suddenly those good old days are gone
Ten years we’ve been rusting
Needing so much more than dusting
Needing exercise, a chance to use our skills
Most days we just lay around the castle
Flabby, fat and lazy
You walked in and oops-a-daisy!
It’s a guest
It’s a guest
Sakes alive, well I’ll be blessed
Wine’s been poured and thank the Lord
I’ve had the napkins freshly pressed
With dessert
She’ll want tea
And my dear that’s fine with me
While the cups do their soft shoeing
I’ll be bubbling, I’ll be brewing
I’ll get warm
Piping hot
Heaven’s sakes! Is that a spot?
Clean it up! We want the company impressed
We’ve got a lot to do
Is it one lump or two
For you, our guest
She’s our guest
She’s our guest
She’s our guest
Be our guest
Be our guest
Our command is your request
It’s ten years since we had anybody here
And we’re obsessed
With your meal
With your ease
Yes, indeed, we aim to please
While the candlelight’s still glowing
Let us help you
We’ll keep going
Course by course
One by one
‘Til you shout, enough, I’m done
Then we’ll sing you off to sleep as you digest
Tonight you’ll prop your feet up
But for now, let’s eat up
Be our guest
Be our guest
Be our guest
Please, be our guest
Songwriters: Howard Elliott Ashman / Alan Menken
Be Our Guest lyrics © Walt Disney Music Company

Russian Nesting or Stacking Dolls

Here are two maps of Russia:

If you visit Russia, you will see lots of these stacking dolls that go inside one another.  Here is a picture below.

They are called    “Matryoshika” or “babushka” dolls.   The word “babushka” means  grandmother.

Here are some facts about the Matryoshika dolls.

1. The idea of a nesting or stacking idea came from Japan.

2. The first Matryoshka wooden stacking doll was made by Vasily Zvyozdochlin and painted by Sergey Malyutin in 1890

3. The first painted stacking doll was of a mother and her seven children.

The Different Cultures in Russia

Russia is a very big country.  There are people who look different from one another.  The people who live outside of the cities are mostly farmers.  The women often use their cultural clothes.  They are proud of their ancestors. The stacking dolls show the different clothes.

For Girls: Air India’s All Female Flight Crew


International Women’s Day is held every year on March 8th.  This happens because girls and women do not have the same rights and opportunities in many countries.  You may be aware that Malala, a Pakistani girl, was shot in the head just for going to school.


Air India and an All-Women Crew

On March 5, 2017, Air India decided to do something very special for International Women’s Day.  A plane was flown from India to California and back to India by four female pilots and a crew of all women.  In fact, this plane flew around the world.  Here are the four women pilots:

       The four female pilots of the huge plane

This Was Not a Small Plane

This is one of the biggest planes in the world.  It had to show that women pilots could do the job.  In fact, everything about the flight was operated by women.  There were:

1) Women Engineers that checked the engines

2). Women who fuelled the plane

3) Women traffic controllers around the world who made sure the plane took off and landed at various places

The Long Flight that Went Around the World.

When you look at a flat map – you can see the flight that started in India and flew to California.    But, in reality, pilots take a global route that looks like this….flights are often over the north pole.

This is NOT a Competition Between Females and Males

If you are a boy reading this, try and understand that it is not a competition.  Girls and boys are equal – both have good brains, but unfortunately, in many parts of the world – boys get better education and better chances to do things.  This all female flight was to encourage girls around the world to fulfill their dreams.  Like boys, girls can go to school and become doctors, lawyers, scientists, pilots, engineers, inventors, writers, sports stars.

And to the girls – hope you enjoyed this article.  And dream – and study and become who you want to be NOW and in the future.

Colours of the Wind: Pocahontas Disney Movie

Colours Of The Wind – Pocahontas
You think I’m an ignorant savage
And you’ve been so many places
I guess it must be so
But still I cannot see
If the savage one is me
How can there be so much that you don’t know
You don’t know
You think you own whatever land you land on
The Earth is just a dead thing you can claim
But I know every rock and tree and creature
Has a life, has a spirit, has a name
You think the only people who are people
Are the people who look and think like you
But if you walk the footsteps of a stranger
You’ll learn things you never knew, you never knew
Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon
Or asked the grinning bobcat why he grinned
Can you sing with all the voices of the mountains
Can you paint with all the colors of the wind
Can you paint with all the colors of the wind
Come run the hidden pine trails of the forest
Come taste the sun sweet berries of the Earth
Come roll in all the riches all around you
And for once, never wonder what they’re worth
The rainstorm and the river are my brothers
The heron and the otter are my friends
And we are all connected to each other
In a circle, in a hoop that never ends
How high will the sycamore grow
If you cut it down, then you’ll never know
And you’ll never hear the wolf cry to the blue corn moon

For whether we are white or copper skinned
We need to sing with all the voices of the mountains
We need to paint with all the colors of the wind
You can own the Earth and still
All you’ll own is Earth until
You can paint with all the colors of the wind
Songwriters: Alan Menken / Stephen Laurence Schwartz
Colours Of The Wind – Pocahontas lyrics © Walt Disney Music Company

The Siamese Cat Song in “Lady and the Tramp”

The Siamese Cat Song
Sung by Peggy Lee


Two Siamese cats sang this song in the Disney movie, “Lady and the Tramp”
We are Siamese if you please
We are Siamese if you don’t please
We are former residents of Siam
There are no finer cat than I am
Do you see what I see with my eyes?
People have been baking up some pies
Peeping jumping up upon their window
There is delicious spice we could get into
Who is that who is living in that wire house
It must be a bird because it’s not a mouse
If we’re sneakin’ up upon it carefully
There will be some bird for you and some for me
Do you seeing that thing swimming round and round?
Maybe we could reaching in and make it drown
If we’re sneakin’ up upon it carefully
There will be some fish for you and some for me
Songwriters: Sonny Burke / Oliver Wallace / Peggy Lee
The Siamese Cat Song lyrics © Walt Disney Music Company