Cassidy: Kitten with No Hind Legs Gets Around

   LAPS =          Langley Animal Protection Agency

Cassidy the kitten lives in Langley, British Columbia, Canada, and introduce you to Shelly Roche.  Shelly is the loving foster mom of an incredible kitten called Cassidy.

Missing Hind Legs

It must have been quite a shock for Shelly to discover a tiny nine week old kitten without hind legs.  He was missing both kind legs  below the knee.  There was some sort of trauma when he was born.

Put Him Down!

Shelly took Cassidy to an emergency vet who suggested that his life should be terminated.

Shelly is a strong woman who fosters abandoned animals for the Langley Animal Protection Society.  She was determined not to give up on him.  There was something about Cassidy that Shelly decided that he, too, was a fighter.  She wanted him to be given a chance to survive and know love and to put fear, pain and starvation behind him.

Let’s Get Cassidy Moving!

Cassidy moves thanks to young kids

Kindness and creativity knows no gender or age barrier.  Two local stud3nts built a custom 3-D printed wheelchair to give Cassidy an opportunity to walk.  It worked.  Cassidy was given hope and he lost the frustration of not being able to walk and turned it into an adventure.

Cassidy the Internet Hero

There are many good things associated with the internet.  Nearly everyone needs a heart-warming story and be inspired by people or animals.

Cassidy on his vacuum robot

Someone suggested that Cassidy ride a Roomba vacuum cleaner.  This is a robot cleaner that knows how to avoid hitting furniture.  More information can be found about Cassidy at TinyKittens Society.

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