How Big Are These Animals Compared to Humans?


The tallest man in the world was Robert Pershing Wadlow born in 1928.  He died at the age of 22 years.  Robert reached 8 ft. 11 inches (2.72 m).  This is a picture of Robert with his father.   So, Robert was almost 9 feet tall or if you laid him down – 9 feet in length.

Saltwater Crocodiles

Now, remember that the tallest human that ever lived was 9 feet in length, but the male crocodile is between 14 feet and 17 feet.  That is one long body of scales.  The croc is the largest reptile in the world and the meanest.  Crocs do eat humans.

Where do Crosc Live?

  • Crocs live in Africa, Australia and other countries.  They have been known to attack water buffalo, lions, giraffes, sharks and just about anything on four or two feet – humans included.  They are strong, and enormous with incredible speed.  They are also cunning.  They will wait patiently and ambush their prey.
  •  They are also found near costal regions and can be miles out in the sea.  They are also found in India.  They prefer to live in salt water but they can be found in freshwater areas such ass swamps, rivers and lagoons.
  • Watch where You are Swimming
  • Every year in Australia there is a “WET’ season.  Rivers overflow and flood roads.   A croc can be swept down river and end up in a lake or another river.   So a croc-free-river or lake  after the WET may have a croc in it.
  • The Deadly Death Roll

Once a croc locks its powerful jaws around its victim, the next move is for the croc to drag the animal under water and drown it.  It will roll the victim over and over until it is no longer alive.

Croc Reproduction

Mating occurs during the wet season, but a female croc has to find dry land to lay her eggs.  After 12 weeks the female lays between 40-60 eggs.  Only 20% will hatch, so if she laid 40 eggs, only 8 will hatch. And the mother has to be careful of all males who would like to eat the babies.