There’s a Child Wishing He or She Could Go to School

If you are attending school, I want to tel you that you are very lucky.  You may protest and say “I hate school” or “School’s O.K” or “I really like school.

This boy is from Pakistan

School is Like a Key to a Door

If you have a good education and certain skills, that is your “KEY” to being successful.  Most students would like to drive a brand new car and have lovely clothes when they leave school.  These things cost money – lots of money.  But, being in school you have a chance to make a great life for yourself.

This girl is from India


Kids That Have to Leave School

These boys are from Africa

There are over 168 million kids that have been forced to leave school and work. There are 100 million boys and 68 million girls.  About 84 million kids work in dangerous conditions that could leave them blind, without arms/legs or just killed.  The colour orange is where most of the ‘child labour’ occurs.  It is illegal, but people do it anyway.

Most kids work in the fields – agriculture

Since they are kids with little education and often no skills, they work hard and are paid little money.  They work long hours, often six days a week.  Sometimes, they don’t get paid, and what rights or power does a poor kids have?

School Groups:

Does your school have a program where you can find out about child labour and help?

Here is one link


Show these to your teacher and principal.  Let’s make a difference.


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