Hi Everyone.   You have probably made a card for Mother’s Day or bought her some flowers.Some kids do not have mother’s, but they can love someone else who is kind to them.


Mothers work hard and so do dads.   Some mom’s work full or part time and still manage to cook, clean and work to make your life easier.

Here are Some Way to Help your Mom Every Day

When you come home – take off your shoes and put them away.

Then hang up your clothes and put your school bag in one place.


YOU don’t have to be a genius to make your own bed.



If you keep things in the same place, they are easy to find when you want them.

Use a Basketball Move

-Toss your dirty clothes in the laundry basket…3 points

-Toss old paper and food wrapper in a bin……2 points.

-Your mom doesn’t ask you to clean HER room, so why do you expect her to clean your room?

Go Team Go!

Many sports work as a team.  They share the work so that no player gets too tired.  If you have brothers and sisters, form a team.  “Call it by a good name – say, “Team Mom” or choose your own great name.

Put up a list and change the days so that everyone gets to do something New.

Mon.                  Tues.                                 Wed.

Sue lays           Paul lays table.                   Paul takes

table.               Sue waters plants.              out trash/rubbish

Paul dusts.                                                Sue lays table

Both Paul and Sue fill their water bottles and return their

food not eaten from school.  Each picks a fruit or treat

and places it in their bag for next school day.  Kids should take turns feeding animals.

Mom Cooks – Kids place plates in Dishwasher

Each home has a different routine.   Homework may be done before or after the main evening meal.

Going to Bed

Choose your clothes for the next school day.  Have everything ready so that you don’t have a rushed morning.

Make it a good habit to read a book.  Words are used in all subjects and the more you know the better it will be for your marks.

Some families say prayers before going to sleep.  I know young people who wake up and thank God for being:

able to see……… to hear

able to walk……….able to shower with water

able to eat food……able to feel safe (no wars).

We Need to Care About Others

Some kids just sit back and let their parents do things for them.  This is NOT fair.  Just as you get tired, so do parents.  Be fair.  Help your parents.  I know you probably do – so ‘thank you.’