The Kangaroo Who Ran in a Horse Race

Cessnock is near Newcastle, Australia

The Unusual Horse Race

A very unusual thing happened at a race course in Cessnock, New South Wales on Tuesday, May 10, 2017.


Here is a report and some of the words are in Aussie slang.

Skippy the television kangaroo

Older Australians grew up watching a children’s television show called “Skippy the Bush Kangaroo in the 1960s.  The show was so popular that Australians often named any kangaroo by that name.

Skippy (kangaroo) copped (got) an almighty fright when the field (horses) turned the bend.

The roo darted onto the track midway through the race.  The marsupial bounded along the inside rail before weaving through the group of horses.  It escaped and did not follow the horses.

Is a Kangaroo faster than a Horse?

The answer is “No.”   The average speed of  kangaroo is 70 km/h

43 mph) while a horse can gallop at 88 km/h which is around 55 mph.

Accident or on Purpose?

I am sure that the kangaroo got into the race accidenly.  It may have already been on the trace and hearing the horses’ hooves, it got frightened an bounded ahead.  On the other hand, it might have had a bet with some of its kangaroo friends.  Luckily, all the horses and jockeys were safe as this kangaroo could have caused an accident.

I’ve seen many kangaroos in Australia and often golfers will still play when they are on the golf courses.