Children Talk About Grandparents

—-I like my grandma because she teaches me about flowers and gardening.  She lets me get my hands dirty.

— My grandfather makes me smile when he makes funny faces and tells jokes.

— My grandmother likes to take me to a shopping mall (plaza) where we can sit and eat an ice cream.

-My grandfather always has new knock-knock jokes.

—-My grandparents don’t rush me to eat quickly.  They eat slowly, too.

—-My grandparents love to watch me dance or sing or say a poem.

—My grandpa likes to make popcorn and watch movies with us My grandma makes brownies for no reason at all.

—My grandparents tell us about when they went to school.  It was very different.  There were no computers.

—When I visit my grandparents with my little brother, we see all our art work on the frige.

—My grandparents have a big trailer.  They go away to Florida for the winter.