Kid Karting: This is an Exciting Sport

Kids Who Race Kid Karts.

Perhaps, you are interested in knowing more about Kid Karting.  You may have even seen karts that are designed using 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines.  The word ‘stroke’ is really about how fast the engine runs.  Some karts can travel at 30 to 40 mp/h.

Safety and Good Courses

While dirt-biking is an off road activity, kid karting takes place on an asphalt road.  This is like a normal road that car drive upon.

What are kid karts and what is kid karting? – Kid karts are small versions of racing karts designed for kids aged 5 to 7. They use small 2 stroke or 4 stroke engines that are approx 2HP.  They go anywhere from 30 to 40MPH. Kid Karts race on the same track as any go kart, normally an asphalt road.

If Your Parents are Interested in Kid Karting…..

The first thing that parents do is to bring you to the nearest Kart course.  If you haven’t tried karting before, now is a good opportunity to see if you like it.  You need to be really dedicated as Karts are expensive to buy and to maintain.  There may be fees to be paid if you enter competitions.


Styles/Types of Karts

fully body kart

Ther eis the ‘full body” or another type is the  CIK.  This means that your kart will have full body plastic all around the kart.  Full body karts usually have the bigger 4-stroke engines.

The more common style of Kid Kart is CIK.  This is a typical European Kart with plastic pods and bumpers.  All of the hardware is metric.  There are probably 30 different brands of these karts.  They are much more common at sprint karting road coarse tracks.

Engines –

The most common engine is the Comer C50.

Then there is the Hondaengine.

The Big Engine.


Finally, a third engine that has gained some popularity is the Briggs LO206.  The Briggs LO206 is an engine that a racer can literally use from when they are in Kid Karts all the way up to when they are adults.


Karts – Most parents will want you to get a used kart.  They want to know that you will be fully committed to the sport. A used kart can cost between $500 USA to $1,000 USA.  Then the engine will cost another $500 USA.

Brand Name Karts

Some of the more popular quality karts to look for include TopKart, Birel, Praga, Margay, and Tony Kart.

Sports are Important.

The important thing is to be active in a sport.  It keeps your body fit and it give you the opportunity to meet you friends.