When Teachers are Absent – I go to Work

I have been coming in for teachers who are sick or have emergencies that require them to take a day off.

Here are some of my encounters with young primary kids (Grades/Year 1,2,3)

l. Mary.

“Miss, I want you to know that Samantha cannot run in gym because she has

had her tonsils out.”

2. “Miss, I have designed this great idea to make baseball harder.

There is a field force at each base.   The runner has to bend his back

and fit through a space if he is to reach the base.”

3.   “Miss, can you help me get ready for home?”

Nicholas:  “I can’t undo the knot in my shoe.

Me:  “Let me help.”

Nicholas:  “Miss, you told us stories about your adventures in Australia

with koalas and kangaroos.”

Me:  “Yes, I did.  Did you enjoy them?”

Nicholas:  “I really liked them.  Could you tell us more?”

Me:  “Well, maybe if I come to your class again.”

Nicholas:  “What  if you gave me your phone number and we could

talk about more of your adventures?”

Me:   “I am not allowed to give out my phone number.”

Nicholas.  “O.K, so how about giving me your home number?”

Me:   “I’m not allowed to do that, so maybe I will come back.”

Nicholas:  “I hope so.   My teacher doesn’t speak about kangaroo!”

4.   student:   “John cannot eat peanuts.  If he does – he gets sick.  He gets

so sick that you have to phone for an ambulance.

Me.          “Has this ever happened?”

Student:     “I don’t think so, but we all have to be prepared.”

5.   Student:   “Miss, have you ever had a wish and wanted it to come true?”

Me.           “Yes.”

Student:    “Me, too!’

6.    Student:    “Did you ever wish that you could fly away when things got


Me.           “Often.

Student:    “Oh, that must have been a lot of times!   I’m not that bad!”