Children Are Like Flowers: by Angela Charles

This blog can be for your parents, teachers, coaches or just for you.   If you are a kid reading this…..realize that you are special.   Be kind to others.  Alway do your best.



Water them with love

Nourish them with praise

Compliment them

Each and every day

Be their sun.


that blossom every day

Little pieces of us

And everything we say

by  Angela Charles

Some amusing quotes:

Children are like wet cement.  Whatever falls on them makes an impression.

Children in a family are like flowers in a bouquet: there’ s always one determined to face in an opposite direction the way the arranger desires.

When children are doing nothing, they are doing mischief.

Mozart’s Life for Kids: Musical Genius

Most people would agree that a person does not ‘become’ a genius, that person is born a genius.  A genius usually shows his or her special talents at an early life.   This is the case of Wolfgang Mozart.

The Talented Mozart Family

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Austria in 1756.  His father loved music and conducted a choir.  He was taught and composed music.

Maria Anna (Nanneri)

His sister Maria Anna (nickname Nanneri) was seven and already learning to play the keyboard (piano).  Mozart was only three but his father decided he would have to wait another year before learning the keyboard.

Amazing Wolfgang

Age 4:    Everyone was amazed, when 4 year old Wolfgang played the keyboard  He barely made a mistake and his playing was very skilful knowing when to play loudly, softly, quickly and slowly.

Age 5: When Mozart turned 5 he started to write or compose short pieces of music.

He could not write the musical notes, so his father wrote them down.

Age 6: Wolfgang Mozart and his sister Nanneri Mozart began a sister and brother tour of the rest of Europe with their father.  Mozart was still only six years old when he learned to play the violin and organ.


Age 8:  Wolfgang wrote two sonatas or pieces of music for the harpsichord.


The Teenage Years

Age 13: Mozart wrote his first opera at the request of the Emperor (who is like a king).  It is obvious that as a teenager he was known throughout many countries.

From Saltzburg to Vienna

Wolfgang was born in Salzburg (Austria), but by the time he was around 25 years of age he was known as one of the most accomplished (best) keyboard (piano) players in Australia.

At the End of His Life

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died at the early age of 35 years old.  In his short life, he had written more than 600 pieces of music.  These compositions (pieces of music) were written for piano, individual instruments and an orchestra.  He also wrote several operas.  He is considered a musical genius.

A genius is not good at everything!  What everyone can do is to try their best.  For most of us, somethings are easy while other things are more difficult.  We must not give up too quickly.

Aesop: The Fox and the Goat: Rewritten for Today’s Youth



A fox fell into a well and could not get out.

A very thirsty goat saw the fox, but asked if the water tasted good. The fox praised the water and the fox suggested that the goat jump in like he did. Thinking only of his thirst the goat jumped in. Now, they were both in trouble.

The fox told the goat that he had a plan that would rescue them both. The fox suggested that if the goat put his front legs outside the well, he would run up his back and get out.


“I will help you get out, too!” promised the fox. Within a minute, the fox was out of the well and running away. The goat yelled, “You promised to help me get out!”

The fox turned and said,

“You foolish fellow! If you had as many brains in your head as you have hairs in your beard, you would never have gone down before you knew that there was a way back out.”

moral: Look before you leap.

The Story for Today’s Youth:  by Pauline Gallagher


Suzie was bored in high school. She was looking for some excitement and fun. She heard that Kate and her girlfriends were stealing from shops and stores. Suzie said to Kate, “I’d like to have new clothes and things like rings and watches. I want some adventures. My life is boring!”

Kate discussed matters with her girlfriends.


“We have agreed that you go into the new store and put things into your pocket. We will talk to the store owner so that he will not see what you are doing!”

Suzie filled her pockets and when the store owner yelled, “Stop thief!” Kate and her friends walked slowly out the door.

Suzie was arrested and her parents had to pick her up at the police station.


Suzie tried to blame Kate and her friends for running away, but the police officer held up a hand.

“Young lady,” he said, “You did not think out what would happen if you decided to steal. There are consequences to all our actions. Now, you will have a criminal record.”


moral:  think before you act.

These Aesop’s tales and modern versions are part of my Bonus series for my book

“Look Who is Searching for Bo Peep’s Sheep.”  (Nursery rhyme and Disney characters join forces to find Bo Peep’s Sheep.)



Bouncing Blue Ball Stories by Pauline Gallagher – with a Bonus Feature

image050 image054   image052

Brenda and Jeff give Dolly a blue ball for her birthday. After doggie cake, a game of baseball takes place in the park. The hit ball has many adventures.

Bonus book: Creatures of the Deep Blue Sea
The bouncing blue ball meets humans and several sea creatures: shark, dolphin, an octupus and a whale.


image006 images-2  Unknown-1images-3

Bonus  Features continued: I have provided information and images for these creatures in a story format.  Meet Ollie Octopus, along with his sweetheart.

I can change my colors and shapes
I can change my colors and shapes

They are preparing their home and garden with value items collected from the sea bed.  The article includes escaping from enemies, diet, types of octopus, three hearts, brain on arms and how clever octopi are deep in the ocean.


Haley the Humpback Whale:  Meet Haley’s baby son, Martin.  He was born the size of two basket ball players in height and weighed one ton.  Haley and Martin like to perform for tourist boats by splashing their large flukes.  Haley is teaching Martin how to sing and play.


Dana the Happy Dolphin:  Come and swim with Dana as she hunts for fish.  Dana is proud to be one of the smartest creatures alive.  Like humpback whales Dana loves to sing and make other sounds as she communicates with others.


Samson is an enormous Basking Shark, but he will not harm humans.  He just opens his mouth and scoops up sea creatures.  Samson will mention a few sharks that are dangerous.  He tells us that more people die from coconuts falling on their heads than from shark attacks.


Unicorns Come At Night by Pauline Gallagher Plus Bonus Feature

Unicorns Come At Night
Unicorns Come At Night – (art work a gift from Tina Green, France)



When a young person loses a pet, it is a painful experience.  This story is about a dying horse called Chestnut.




The much loved Chestnut
The much loved Chestnut

Before you decide never to buy such a depressing book, know that it has a remarkable moments.  In the book, I mention the “Happy Hunting Grounds.”  Native North American People (and others around the world) believe that all humans and animals will be reunited in the HH     Grounds.  The story has a happy ending.  It also points out the role of unicorns.  It is a story that gives hope in the fact of death.


I have also named the “Happy Hunting Grounds” as THE PLACE.  It is a life after death location.  I wanted it to be universal, so it is not called ‘heaven.’





These are some of my favorite animals. In this bonus feature I have covered each of these breeds of animal.   I have also looked at the Przewalski (the only true existing wild herself). Other wild horses are the generations of domesticated horses that have escaped.

Przewalski's truly wild horse
Przewalski’s truly wild horse

Horses are extremely clever but no one should stand behind a horse.  They have an automatic kick backwards if they are startled or scared.  Do you know the relatives of horses?   Would you include a rhino as a close family member?

Donkeys: Do you know which part of the world Donkeys still run wild?  With maps, I will tell you.  How long has the donkey been a working animal?  The answer may surprise you.

Unknown-1 Unknown-3

Fact:  Donkeys and Mules are NOT stubborn and you can find out the reason for this statement.

How do the above animals defend themselves.   Which of these two animals gets called a “Jenny?

How are donkeys and mules created?

What are Jacks/Johns and Molly/Mares?

Read my story about Polly who is a Molly.

Polly the Molly: Bonus to “When Unicorns Come at Night” on Amazon

 Here is an sample of many pages about horses, donkeys and mules.  This is part of my story called “Polly the Molly.”


Polly the Molly

Hello, my name is Polly and I am a Molly!

Unknown-8 Unknown-3

Let me explain. I am a beautiful female mule with lovely long ears. My father is a male donkey and my mother is a female horse. The baby or offspring of a male donkey and female horse is called a Molly. So, I am Polly the Molly. My brother has the same mom and dad, but he’s a boy and he’s called a John, even though his name is Bill. Do you find this a little confusing? Don’t worry, I tell you all about me.

 Who Do I Look Like?

My owners tell me that I look more like my mother the horse than my father who is a donkey. Perhaps, someone has told you that you look more like your father, or you have hair or eyes like your mother.

Be a Proud Mule

My parents are very proud of me. Dad told me that originally his family of donkeys came from Africa. He also told me that there are still wild donkeys from that continent. If you have the time, take a globe or atlas or even use the internet and find these countries where wild donkeys live.


Can you find a country in North Africa called Morocco? It is not far from Spain. Put one finger on Morocco and then find a country called Somalia and place another finger on it. From one finger to another are places where wild donkeys still run free. They rest in the hot African sun during the day and eat at night when it is cooler.

The rest of Polly the Molly can be found in the bonus feature connected to my book, “Unicorns Come at Night.”  It is available on Amazon and iBooks.


Mrs. Claus and the November Visit Plus Bonus Features by Pauline Gallagher


The snug home of Mr. & Mrs. Claus at the North Pole
The snug home of Mr. & Mrs. Claus at the North Pole

Mrs. Claus helps Santa during the busy toy making month of November.  Santa has handed her a sad letter from Oliver, a boy in New York City.  Rudolph leads her through the sky to save a little boy.

Mrs. Claus and the November Visit: This story won an award in the cross Canada Library Association’s yearly competition for writers. The story is published in their annual anthology of short stories –Winners Circle 6.


image017  image022image015

Bonus Book: This is a Christmas story and so I thought I would include Christmas traditions from several countries: Ireland, Spain, Ethiopia, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Sweden and Australia. Some of them are unusual like Catalonia (Spain’s) “Pooping Yule Log.”  In Czechoslovakia, many young women toss shoes, India has banana Christmas trees and in Japan, Christmas dinner is often held at Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) locations.

Unknown-4 christmas-banana-tree Unknown-2 Unknown-3

All images are professionally formatted in all of my books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle and Apple iBooks.   All should be available by the end of August or before.

Bonus Features: Belinda’s Dandelion by Pauline Gallagher


Belinda’s Dandelion:  A story  takes place in a garden.  Into a loving place comes a plant that is a bully.  Naturally, pain and suffering follows.  Into the scene comes an individual who shows that love overcomes hate.

The story begins with a dandelion waking up to its first spring on planet earth.

Belinda's Dandelion-2 It looks around and sees other plants that are also viewing life for the first time. The dandelion compliments the other flowers and they state that the dandelion’s head is yellow and beautiful like the sun.


Belinda's Dandelion4 As night begins to fall, a Perennial interrupts the peaceful and loving atmosphere She declares that the dandelion is a weed.  This is a story of bullying and how the love of one individual can make a difference.

I can’t tell you any more of the story.


Bonus book: This contains information and pictures about the dandelion’s arrival in North America. Dandelions were considered flowers and used for medicine. They came on sailing ships from Europe.Unknown-2

images from bonus feature
images from bonus feature


Today, they are used in many ways.

This is a glimpse of the bonus book.

It is available on Amazon and shortly on Apple iBooks and other distributors.