Chinese Students Have Very Long School Days

The older a Chinese student becomes, the longer the school day. At the age of seven a Chinese boy or girl starts school. Outside of big cities, school starts at 8 am and finishes at 3 p.m.  They start to learn Chinese, math, geography and simple science right away.  In grade three, they learn English.  They learn about Chinese heroes who were good people.

It’s Tough Getting Into the Right High School

Seven out of ten students who take the high school test get to go to a ‘good’ high school.  There is a lot of pressure in the later years of elementary school on students at school – and pressure from parents at home.  Parents spend money on tuitoring in math, gymnastics and music after school.  This is done to increase a student’s chance to get into ‘good’ high schools.  Richer parents can make large donations to certain schools to try and influence high schools to admit their kids.  Elementary school also includes sciences.

Middle School – 

When a student does qualify for a ‘good’ high school, the pressure is not off.

Some get to school at 7 a.m for an hour of English or Chinese.  During this hour, students are required to read aloud to teachers.  School then begins at 8 a.m and finishes at 5 p.m.  There is a dinner break, which is shortened to an hour.  Then at 6 p.m there is physical fitness.   The school day is NOT over and there is evening school or study halls.  Here students can get help in physics, chemistry, biology and political science.

College and University

Only 1 in 3 students will go on to University.  There is a one shot exam where you pass or fail.  This causes extreme tension and anxiety.  In high school these students have attended school up to 11 p.m at night and have got up the next day to start school at 7 a.m.  Lack of proper sleep time is common.

Kids: Here are Some Great Ways to Look After Your Dog


A dog is part of the family.

It has rights like you.  It needs to be fed.  It needs to be loved.

It does not need to be treated unkindly – yelled at, kicked, dragged, etc.

You would not like this to happen to you.  Animals feel pain like humans and they can feel fear.

-They do not understand your language – only a few words like

“Come”  “Sit”  “Down”  “Up” and maybe a few more.

You Have Made Mistakes, too!

As a human, you have made mistakes.   Someone told you about your mistake.

You understood them because you speak their langugage.   A dog needs to shown gently about his or her mistake.   Sometimes, it takes time for the dog to get it right.  Do the right thing – have kindness and patience.


 O.K Human Person – You are NOT going to Play Today!

Imagine the situation.  You are NOT sick.   You have not been bad.  Your parents simply won’t give you permission to go outside and play.  Let’s make it a lovely sunny day.   You want to know – Why not?

“I have my ball, let’s play!”

If you don’t take your dog out for walks – you are doing this to him or her.  Dogs like humans like to play and have fun.  Dogs can smell things better than humans.   When a dog is outside, it is like smelling things that you really like – smells of french fries or a bbq.  Dogs need to stop and smell things.  Don’t drag a dog along – let him or her stop and smell things.

Never Hit or Kick an Animal!

One dog knows that the other dog is hurt

If someone kicked you badly and you were in pain, your parents would take you to the doctor or hospital.  If the pain was really bad, you would get pills or pain killers.  You can speak and tell adults that you are in pain.


An animal cannot do this.   If your dog has been hit or kicked, it will have to suffer hours of pain.  This is just NOT fair.  If you are angry with your dog, walk away and tell your parents about it.  I’ll bet that your dog really does not fully understand what it did.

Think of Your Dog Like it was a Toddler

I will explain what I mean.   A toddler has accidents – it knocks over things.  It may pee somewhere other than the toilet.  You can yell at the toddler but it does not understand your language.  In fact, if you yell or shake it, the toddler will cry.   Its the same with your dog – the dog cries inside.  Its feelings are hurt.   A dog wants to please.  Be gentle and kind with it.


Don’t Feed Human Food to Your Dog!

Don’t give your dog human food

It is NOT kind to feed a dog things that you eat, unless its a nice piece of steak that you couldn’t eat.  What I am writing about is things like donuts or French fries.    NEVER give your dog CHOCOLATE – it can kill or make your dog very sick.  If you want to reward it, give the dog doggie treats.

Look after your dog/cat/any pet-  and you will never regret it!




Hi Everyone.   You have probably made a card for Mother’s Day or bought her some flowers.Some kids do not have mother’s, but they can love someone else who is kind to them.


Mothers work hard and so do dads.   Some mom’s work full or part time and still manage to cook, clean and work to make your life easier.

Here are Some Way to Help your Mom Every Day

When you come home – take off your shoes and put them away.

Then hang up your clothes and put your school bag in one place.


YOU don’t have to be a genius to make your own bed.



If you keep things in the same place, they are easy to find when you want them.

Use a Basketball Move

-Toss your dirty clothes in the laundry basket…3 points

-Toss old paper and food wrapper in a bin……2 points.

-Your mom doesn’t ask you to clean HER room, so why do you expect her to clean your room?

Go Team Go!

Many sports work as a team.  They share the work so that no player gets too tired.  If you have brothers and sisters, form a team.  “Call it by a good name – say, “Team Mom” or choose your own great name.

Put up a list and change the days so that everyone gets to do something New.

Mon.                  Tues.                                 Wed.

Sue lays           Paul lays table.                   Paul takes

table.               Sue waters plants.              out trash/rubbish

Paul dusts.                                                Sue lays table

Both Paul and Sue fill their water bottles and return their

food not eaten from school.  Each picks a fruit or treat

and places it in their bag for next school day.  Kids should take turns feeding animals.

Mom Cooks – Kids place plates in Dishwasher

Each home has a different routine.   Homework may be done before or after the main evening meal.

Going to Bed

Choose your clothes for the next school day.  Have everything ready so that you don’t have a rushed morning.

Make it a good habit to read a book.  Words are used in all subjects and the more you know the better it will be for your marks.

Some families say prayers before going to sleep.  I know young people who wake up and thank God for being:

able to see……… to hear

able to walk……….able to shower with water

able to eat food……able to feel safe (no wars).

We Need to Care About Others

Some kids just sit back and let their parents do things for them.  This is NOT fair.  Just as you get tired, so do parents.  Be fair.  Help your parents.  I know you probably do – so ‘thank you.’

Disney’s “Bambi” – What Kids Can Learn from the Movie (quotes)

Bambi is one of my favourite Disney movies.  I love nature and the Disney artists did a great job with painting beautiful scenery and delightful animals.

There are lessons for us all in the movie, Bambi.

1. Eat Your Vegetables:

Eat your vegetables

Thumper to Bambi:

“Eating greens is a special treat, It makes long ears and great big feet. But it sure is awful stuff to eat.” I made that last part up myself.

2. Respect for a Leader…., so Become a Leader. (Bambi does)

Bambi watches as the head deer (stag) comes near them. All the birds and animals stop to admire him.  Bambi asks his mother why everyone thinks that he is special.

Bambi’s Mother says about the Stag.

Everyone respects him. For of all the deer in the forest, not one has lived half so long. He is very brave and very wise. That’s why he is known as the Great Prince of the Forest.

“Thumper, What did you father tell you?”

Being Nice to People and Animals

Thumper starts to talk unkind about another animal, but his mother stops him and ask, “Thumper, what did you father tell you?”

Thumper replies:

“If ya can’t say nothin nice, don’t say anything at all.”

The lesson here is that when we notice someone bullying another person, we don’t have to join in.  In fact, we should make sure that no one bullies anyone else.

Be Safe – Be aware of Things and People Around You.

Adults and children need to take care and look around.  In your school you have been taught about how to be safe.  Sometimes, this is called “Kid Proofing.”  In the movie, Bambi’s mother warns him about running off into the meadow.  Yes, the meadow looks wonderful, but Bambi is not aware that danger can be hidden there.

Bambi’s mother says:

Wait! ***** wait! You must never rush out on the meadow. There might be danger. Out there we are unprotected. The meadow is wide and open; there are no trees or bushes to hide us, so we have to be very careful. Wait here. I’ll go out first. If the meadow is safe I’ll call you. Come on, *****. It’s all right. Come on.

There’s a Child Wishing He or She Could Go to School

If you are attending school, I want to tel you that you are very lucky.  You may protest and say “I hate school” or “School’s O.K” or “I really like school.

This boy is from Pakistan

School is Like a Key to a Door

If you have a good education and certain skills, that is your “KEY” to being successful.  Most students would like to drive a brand new car and have lovely clothes when they leave school.  These things cost money – lots of money.  But, being in school you have a chance to make a great life for yourself.

This girl is from India


Kids That Have to Leave School

These boys are from Africa

There are over 168 million kids that have been forced to leave school and work. There are 100 million boys and 68 million girls.  About 84 million kids work in dangerous conditions that could leave them blind, without arms/legs or just killed.  The colour orange is where most of the ‘child labour’ occurs.  It is illegal, but people do it anyway.

Most kids work in the fields – agriculture

Since they are kids with little education and often no skills, they work hard and are paid little money.  They work long hours, often six days a week.  Sometimes, they don’t get paid, and what rights or power does a poor kids have?

School Groups:

Does your school have a program where you can find out about child labour and help?

Here is one link


Show these to your teacher and principal.  Let’s make a difference.


101 Year Old Woman Wins a Gold Medal in Track

This is completely true.  A 101 year old runner claimed a gold medal in the  100 metres sprint at theMasters Game on Monday, April 24, 2017.    The Masters Games are for older men and women and they are held all around the world.  This year, 2017, they were held in New Zealand.

Man Kaur is Her Name

I have tried to find out the meaning of her name “Man” and I have two translations – “Pearl” and “Powerful.”  Man Kaur has been named the “miracle from Chandigarh,” INDIA.

Chandigarh is where there is a RED star

Do a Little Dance

Man Kaur celebrated her win by doing a little dance for the crowds.  She ran the race in one minute and 14 seconds  1:14:00.   The Times newspaper of India stated that if she had ran a 64.42 seconds faster she would have tied Usain Bolt’s world record.  Man Kaur could have taken her time because she was the only athlete competing in the 85-and-over age category.  This is not to take away any glory from her win – how many people ove 85 or over  100 years can run a 100 metre sprint????



“I enjoyed it and am very, very happy,” she told reporters through an interpreter, according to the Times India.. “I’m going to run again, I’m not going to give up. I will participate, there’s no full stop.”

Who Gave Her the Inspiration to Run?

Eight years ago,  her son, Gurdev Singh, who was 71 years at the time, asked her to complete in the Masters Games.  She was 93 years old at the time; he is now 79 years of

Her son told her, ‘You have no problem, no knee problem, no heart problem, you should start running,'”

Not Just Good at Track

Man Kaur has more than 20 medals from the Masters Games.  Last year (2016) she won the shot put and javelin when the games were played in America.

Go Tell Others to Run

Her son told the newspapers that when she wins, she goes back and wants to tell everyone in India to compete. She has won so many medals for India.  Her son continued, “Winning makes her happy.”

Training in India

Kaur knows that if you want something badly enough, you must work for it.

Kaur runs five or 10 short distances every evening in her hometown of Chandigarh. And her secret may be a strict diet that, her son told Indian Weekender, includes wheat grass juice and a daily glass of kefir.


High Hopes Song: Inspirational For Kids

This song was sung by Frank Sinatra.  Written by

Songwriters: J. VAN HEUSEN, S. CAHN
Read the words.  The song is on a Frank Sinatra record/disc.   It tells you that you can do almost anything, if you believe in yourself.
Next time your found, with your chin on the ground
There a lot to be learned, so look around
Just what makes that little old ant
Think he’ll move that rubber tree plant

Anyone knows an ant, can’t
Move a rubber tree plant
But he’s got high hopes, he’s got high hopes
He’s got high apple pie, in the sky hopesSo any time your gettin’ low
‘Stead of lettin’ go
Just remember that ant
Oops– there goes another rubber tree plantWhen troubles call, and your back’s to the wall
There a lot to be learned, that wall could fall

Once there was a silly old ram
Thought he’d punch a hole in a dam
No one could make that ram, scram
He kept buttin’ that dam

‘Cause he had high hopes, he had high hopes
He had high apple pie, in the sky hopes

So any time your feelin’ bad
‘stead of feelin’ sad
Just remember that ram

Oops, there goes a billion kilowatt dam

All problems just a toy balloon
They’ll be bursted soon

They’re just bound to go pop
Oops there goes another problem—- kerplop

Oops, there goes another problem……kerplop

Download “Belinda’s Dandelion” from Amazon

Here are a few pages of a story I wrote about bullying.  If you like it, you might ask your parents to download the entire story.  Here are a few questions before the story begins.

Have you noticed how kids gang up on one student.  It starts with one unkind remark and if the bully gets a laugh from the class, others will join in.

Someone has to be brave and report the bullying.  No one should go home unhappy.   No one should dread or be afraid of coming to school.


Here is part of the story – enjoy.

It was a warm spring day, when a Dandelion woke up and took her first look at a beautiful world. All around her were dazzling colors, wonderful scents and delightful sounds.

There were other plants in the garden. They had also bloomed for the first time. These plants were dressed  in nature’s finest clothes. The little Dandelion was quick to tell everyone how beautiful each one looked.

The Crocus felt the Dandelion’s love and said, “Dandelion, your head is like the color of the sun. You are very pretty plant.”

The Dandelion was happy to live in a garden where plants were friendly and kind to one another.



Night came to the garden. The plants began to whisper goodnight. Suddenly, an angry plant yelled out in the darkness.

“It is NOT a goodnight! We have a weed amongst us.”

“What’s a weed?” asked the Dandelion.

The angry plant made herself tall as she spoke.


“A weed is useless and ugly. Sometimes, it even tries to look like a flower.”

The Dandelion had more questions.

“Who are you? How do you know such things?”

The angry plant twisted her stem and shook her petals.

“I am a perennial. This means that I bloom each year. Tomorrow, the gardener will water the flowers and pull out ugly weeds.”

The Dandelion looked around her. The moon had began to shine her light on the plants. They looked so pretty.

“Lady Perennial,” said the Dandelion respectfully. “I see no weeds in this garden. Everyone is different and each plant is beautiful.”        The Perennial twisted her stem again and hissed at the dandelion.


“Stupid Dandelion! You are the only horrible weed among us!”

The Dandelion shivered with fear as all of the plants looked in her direction.

A Pansy spoke up.

“Lady Perennial, who decides which plant is a flower and which plant is a weed?”

“Humans made this decision a long time ago.” answered the Perennial.

The Pansy was confused. “But, she looks and speaks like one of us. I don’t think we should put her down by calling her a bad name. That would make us bullies.”

“Weeds have no feelings!” replied the Perennial. “They cannot feel pain like plants.”

The Dandelion did feel the pain of the Perennial’s words. She turned to her friend the Crocus.

“Dear Crocus, you told me that my head was like the sun. Please tell me that the Perennial’s words are untrue.”

Now, the Crocus was afraid of the Perennial. If she stood up for the Dandelion, maybe the Perennial would pick on her, too.

“I never said that your head was like the sun. You, Dandelion are just a lying weed!”


Well done, Crocus!” shouted the Perennial. “You spoke like a proud flower. That is the way to speak to weeds!”

The Crocus felt happy even if she did tell a lie.

The poor Dandelion began to feel that she was ugly. She hung her head in shame.

The Rose looked at the Dandelion. She knew that she should act with love in her heart. After all, humans gave Roses as a sign of love on earth.

“Lady Perennial,” said the Rose gently, “I don’t see why weeds cannot live peacefully beside flowers. I think that everyone is equal in the garden.”

To the Dandelion’s surprise, the other flowers began to agree with the Rose.

The Perennial thought about what the Rose had said. She did not think that flowers and weeds were equal. She had made up her mind to hate weeds. The Perennial began to think of a way to trick the flowers into thinking what she believed.

“I come from a rich and clever family,” said the Perennial. Grandfather Perennial fought a war to get rid of weeds. Many, many flowers told him that he did the right thing. Do you want weeds taking over the ground in which you are growing.?”

“No weed will do that to me!” yelled the Lily.

I’ll stop the story now.

Questions to ask:

  1. What do you think will happen to the Dandelion?
  2. Is there a plant that will become her friend.
  3. Can the nasty Perennial hurt the Dandelion further?
  4. Who is Belinda?   The Story is called “Belinda’s Dandelion.”
  5. Can Belinda help the Dandelion?

You can download the entire story from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.