Kid Karting: This is an Exciting Sport

Kids Who Race Kid Karts.

Perhaps, you are interested in knowing more about Kid Karting.  You may have even seen karts that are designed using 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines.  The word ‘stroke’ is really about how fast the engine runs.  Some karts can travel at 30 to 40 mp/h.

Safety and Good Courses

While dirt-biking is an off road activity, kid karting takes place on an asphalt road.  This is like a normal road that car drive upon.

What are kid karts and what is kid karting? – Kid karts are small versions of racing karts designed for kids aged 5 to 7. They use small 2 stroke or 4 stroke engines that are approx 2HP.  They go anywhere from 30 to 40MPH. Kid Karts race on the same track as any go kart, normally an asphalt road.

If Your Parents are Interested in Kid Karting…..

The first thing that parents do is to bring you to the nearest Kart course.  If you haven’t tried karting before, now is a good opportunity to see if you like it.  You need to be really dedicated as Karts are expensive to buy and to maintain.  There may be fees to be paid if you enter competitions.


Styles/Types of Karts

fully body kart

Ther eis the ‘full body” or another type is the  CIK.  This means that your kart will have full body plastic all around the kart.  Full body karts usually have the bigger 4-stroke engines.

The more common style of Kid Kart is CIK.  This is a typical European Kart with plastic pods and bumpers.  All of the hardware is metric.  There are probably 30 different brands of these karts.  They are much more common at sprint karting road coarse tracks.

Engines –

The most common engine is the Comer C50.

Then there is the Hondaengine.

The Big Engine.


Finally, a third engine that has gained some popularity is the Briggs LO206.  The Briggs LO206 is an engine that a racer can literally use from when they are in Kid Karts all the way up to when they are adults.


Karts – Most parents will want you to get a used kart.  They want to know that you will be fully committed to the sport. A used kart can cost between $500 USA to $1,000 USA.  Then the engine will cost another $500 USA.

Brand Name Karts

Some of the more popular quality karts to look for include TopKart, Birel, Praga, Margay, and Tony Kart.

Sports are Important.

The important thing is to be active in a sport.  It keeps your body fit and it give you the opportunity to meet you friends.

2010: Six Year Old British Girl Receives Her Black Belt

article-1338563-0c774c7c000005dc-952_634x691Six-year-old Kechelle de Souza Dalton doesn’t get much trouble from bullies, and here is the reason why.

In 2010, Kechelle became the youngest person in Europe, and possibly the world, to receive a karate black belt.  She watched him from her pram and started making some of the moves.

Brother Lamar 

Lamar was 13 when he received his black belt in karate. He is proud of his sister who received her black belt earlier than him.   She watched him from her pram and started making some of the moves. As soon as she could talk, Kechelle wanted to take karate lessons.   She never hits other children because she knows that karate is self-defense.

When Kechella Was Attacked.


One day Kechella was attacked by a bully.  He kept hitting her.   Kachella warned him that he would be sorry if he continued with the hitting.  He did not stop.  The next time he raised his fist to hit her, Kechella blocked his fist and punched him hard.  The boy landed on the ground and started to cry.

Kechella Pracrtises Hard

Kechelle practises five days a week in different areas of London, England.  When she gets home from these practises, Kechella still does karate moves until she is sent to bed.

The Future

Kechelle can’t wait to be old enough to take part in championships.  She believes in herself and her talents.  Remember her name as she is determined to be a world champion.

If you love sports, remember that you don’t have to be a champion.  It is more important to enjoy the game and have fun with your team mates.

Amish Students Walk or Take Horse & Buggy to School

Unknown-8 Amish-kidsPauline here.  Personally, I think that being different in the world is great. At school, you may know students who speak a different language at home.  Many of your friends may worship in a mosque, synagogue, church or another place of faith.  Perhaps, you have had food in a friend’s house that is different from what you normally eat at home.  This is a wonderful way for you to learn about other cultures and traditions.  It is so sad and disgraceful when bullies attack kids because of these differences.


The Amish Way of Life


images-1The Amish are a group of people who emigrated many years ago to North America.  There is not a lot of information on the internet, but I am writing about communities in America.

Get Up Early

Amish families do not use modern technology, so a fire has to be started in order to heat the home and do the cooking.


Young Amish boys and girls get up about 5 a.m to do required chores. The boys go outside and help feed the animals. In winter, they may shovel snow as mechanical machines are generally not used. The girls may make beds, help prepare breakfast and perhaps, collect eggs.

Traditions From the Past

images Unknown-17 images-1 images-2

Amish people today live very much like their great-great-grandparents lived. They dress like them and their lives are without electrical stoves, televisions, phones or the use of the internet. They believe that God wants them to live very simple lives.  Some Amish parents or the community allow the use of bikes and the playing of games such as soccer and baseball.

Going to School


From what I have read, Amish communities organize their own education for their children. The local school board approves of what they learn. Amish children normally walk to school, or  they may take a horse and buggy. Amish families do not own cars and there are no tractors. Ploughing a field is done with a horse and plough held by a man or strong boy.

One Room School House Unknown-10 

There is usually a one room school house where a teacher who has at least a grade 8 education teaches the children of various ages. He or she may have an assistant. Children leave school at the end of grade 8 to help their parents. The father likes to have a job where he can work from home. He may be a farmer, or a carpenter that makes furniture for people. Some Amish fathers start a restaurant that serves plain Amish food.

images-8 images-6

Amish students concentrate on reading, writing and arithmetic.  They like to have old text books that look like they represent their way of living.  For example, a story about a boy or girl watching television or on their iPad would not be welcomed.  This is their decision, so we have to respect Amish traditions.  Don’t get the idea that Amish children don’t have fun.  They play just like other kids.  They love working with animals.

Their friends are usually other Amish children. They are happy with their way of life.  Amish children are thankful for their schooling in a world where many children do not attend school.

Aito Iguchi: Japanese 11 Year Old Hockey Sensation


It is important for adults and kids to be physically active. It is good for your health. On teams or in individual sports, a person meets new friends and may travel to wonderful places.   Here is an 11-year-old Japanese boy who is fit and has many hockey skills. His name is Alto Iguchi and he caused a sensation in 2015. He travelled to New York with his Japanese team.

It is 2015 and New York city is hosting the second Annual Lighthouse International Hockey Tournament.   This is a youth event that involves teams from China, Japan, Finland, Long Island and New York City.

The final game was between Harbin (China) and the Nikko Jr. Ice Bucks (Japan). The winner was japan who beat China 10-2.

 Let Me Introduce Sensational Japanese player Alto Iguchi who scored 2 goals and assisted in 2 assists.


Japan is not an ice hockey nation. Yet, hockey scouts and the internet have seen Alto Iguchi play. He is fantastic! What did he have to say about his team’s win.


“I know that I’m being looked at, so I want to play accordingly so that I meet the expectations,” Iguchi said through translator Tak Mihara. “I played very well, actually, better than usual. If I had to rate myself, it would be an A-plus.”

Getting Picked


Alto was picked from one hundred (100) players at a hockey camp. He started playing hockey at age 5. He learned the skills by watching National Hockey League games that he streamed from the internet.

Look at for Him in the Future

NHL (National Hockey League) teams
NHL (National Hockey League) teams

Japan has sent players to the USA and they play in National Leagues.Europe has sent many hockey players to the NHL (National Hockey League). I will be happy to see him on my television set. Hopefully, he will play for the Toronto Maple Leafs in Canada.