Amish Students Walk or Take Horse & Buggy to School

Unknown-8 Amish-kidsPauline here.  Personally, I think that being different in the world is great. At school, you may know students who speak a different language at home.  Many of your friends may worship in a mosque, synagogue, church or another place of faith.  Perhaps, you have had food in a friend’s house that is different from what you normally eat at home.  This is a wonderful way for you to learn about other cultures and traditions.  It is so sad and disgraceful when bullies attack kids because of these differences.


The Amish Way of Life


images-1The Amish are a group of people who emigrated many years ago to North America.  There is not a lot of information on the internet, but I am writing about communities in America.

Get Up Early

Amish families do not use modern technology, so a fire has to be started in order to heat the home and do the cooking.


Young Amish boys and girls get up about 5 a.m to do required chores. The boys go outside and help feed the animals. In winter, they may shovel snow as mechanical machines are generally not used. The girls may make beds, help prepare breakfast and perhaps, collect eggs.

Traditions From the Past

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Amish people today live very much like their great-great-grandparents lived. They dress like them and their lives are without electrical stoves, televisions, phones or the use of the internet. They believe that God wants them to live very simple lives.  Some Amish parents or the community allow the use of bikes and the playing of games such as soccer and baseball.

Going to School


From what I have read, Amish communities organize their own education for their children. The local school board approves of what they learn. Amish children normally walk to school, or  they may take a horse and buggy. Amish families do not own cars and there are no tractors. Ploughing a field is done with a horse and plough held by a man or strong boy.

One Room School House Unknown-10 

There is usually a one room school house where a teacher who has at least a grade 8 education teaches the children of various ages. He or she may have an assistant. Children leave school at the end of grade 8 to help their parents. The father likes to have a job where he can work from home. He may be a farmer, or a carpenter that makes furniture for people. Some Amish fathers start a restaurant that serves plain Amish food.

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Amish students concentrate on reading, writing and arithmetic.  They like to have old text books that look like they represent their way of living.  For example, a story about a boy or girl watching television or on their iPad would not be welcomed.  This is their decision, so we have to respect Amish traditions.  Don’t get the idea that Amish children don’t have fun.  They play just like other kids.  They love working with animals.

Their friends are usually other Amish children. They are happy with their way of life.  Amish children are thankful for their schooling in a world where many children do not attend school.