Twenty Sports Questions for Kids

1. In motor racing, which flag is waved to show the winner?  

a) black and white chequered flag  b) red and white flag                                                c)   yellow and black flag

2. Which sport is played at Wimbledon?

a) soccer   b) tennis   c) rugby   d) cricket


3. How many players are there in an ice hockey team?

a) 4   b) 6   c) 8    d) 10

4. Which country invented basketball?

a) China   b) Canada  c) Cuba  d) USA


5.  Where were the first Olympic Games held?

a) Greece   b) Germany  c) USA   d) France

6. Which sport is played in the World Cup?

a) cricket   b) basketball   c) baseball    d) soccer

7. Which club would you use to hit the ball the furtherest?

a) iron    b) driver   c) putter    d)  wedge

8. Which sport do the sisters Venus and Serena Williams play?

a) darts    b) soccer    c) cricket    d) tennis

9.  The words “bullpen” and “dugout” are connected to this sport….

a) golf     b) baseball     c) archery     d) horse  riding

10. How many holes are there in a typrical golf course?

a) 10    b) 18     c) 12      d) 20

11. What sport do the Toronto Raptors play?

a) basketball     b) soccer    c) volleyball    d) baseball

12. What is the line judge called in tennis?

a) umpire   b) referee   c) watcher   d) boss

13.  Which sport is played using a puck?

a) ice hockey    b) field hockey    c) archery    d) darts

14. How many bases are there on a baseball pitch/diamond?

a) four       b) six      c) three     d) two

15. Roger Federer is a famous player of this sport…..

a) tennis    b) basketball    c) golf      d) baseball

16. In which sport did Muhammad Ali become world champion?

a) cricket    b) tennis   c) boxing    d) golf

17. The “All Blacks” play this sport….

a) soccer   b) rugby    c) baseball    d) volleyball

18. The terms “strike” and “spare” are connected with this sport….

a) golf     b) cricket     c) field hockey    d) bowling

19.  A ‘birdie” is hit in the air in this sport?

a) golf    b) badminton   c) archery     d) rugby

20. A “chucker” is  a period of time in this sport…

a) polo   b) badminton   c) bowling   d) rugby

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  1. a.    2. b.    3. b   4. b.   5. a   6. d    7.b    8d

9. b.    10. b.   11. a    12.d   13. a   14 b   15 a

16. c   17. b    18. d  19. b  20 a