Buddhist Students and the Sacred (Holy) Lotus Plants.

The Buddha with lotus plants

We don’t have to be a follower of the Buddhist religion to learn  about the man called the Buddha and his connection to the Lotus plant.

All religious leaders have used nature to give lessons to humans.

The Buddha was an Indian prince who later became a monk.  Monks, priests, rabbis and other religious leaders spend their lives helping people.

The Buddha was such a kind and happy person that his preaching led to many men joining him as monks.

Buddhist monks

Like Jesus, the Buddha used flowers to give teachings to his followers so that they could become better human beings.

Why Did the Buddha Pick the Lotus Plant?

The Lotus plant grows everywhere in Asia where the Buddha and later his monks travelled: India, Sir Lanka, Thailand, China and Japan (just to mention some Buddhist countries).

The Lotus plant often grows in muddy ponds, lakes and rivers.  It’s roots are in the mud, yet it is able to bloom into a clean and beautiful plant.   The message is that when can start in the mud (bad habits, unkindness, etc) but we can become a beautiful and clean blossom with kindness, good actions, honesty and truth.

The Lotus Plants – Buddhist Symbol


The Lotus plants come in many colours.  The Buddha used each colour to remind his followers that each colour should have a meaning in their lives.

A white lotus flower – reminds people to have a pure mind that does not concentrate on hate or doing bad things.

A red lotus flower – reminds people to have compassion (pity) and love in their hearts for everyone.

A blue lotus flower – reminds people to be wise and to think and act carefully.  Our actions always affect ourselves and others.

A pink lotus flower – reminds people to remember the actions and life of the Buddha.  People should read his words and act like he did in his lifetime.

A purple lotus flower – reminds people of their spirit – people are flesh and there is a spirit inside of everyone.  Our bodies die, but our spirits go on to eternity (heaven).

A gold lotus flower is usually found in paintings and statues. Yellow lotus plants can remind people of the gold lotus.  It is total love for God, people and nature.  It means thinking of others before thinking of yourself.  It is a peaceful plant that makes friends.

Buddhist School Children

Buddhist children will have images of the Buddha in their classrooms and probably in the school yard there will be ponds with Lotus growing.

Those of us that are not Buddhists, can look at our own wild flowers – see their colours – and match them to the Buddha’s teachings.   All religions practise a love of God and a love for every person.