Cats and Kittens: Cute Images on Great Kid’s Website

Cats are amazing animals.  If you see a group of cats, they are called a Chowder, but if you see a group of kittens, you are watching a kindle.  You may name your cats, but a male cat is called a Tom and a female cat is called a Molly or a Queen.

How Long Do You Sleep?

You probably do not sleep as long as a cat.  They sleep between 16-18 hours a day.

How Heavy is your Cat?

Unless you own a lion or tiger, your cat weights around 4-5 kg or 8-11 lbs or pounds.  The heaviest cat on record weighed over 21 kilograms or over 46 lbs.

Famous People and Cats

The Emperor Napoleon and the Roman Julius Caesar were afraid of cats.  If a cat was afraid of a human, it could jump 7 times its own height to get away.

Tell Me About A Cat’s Body, Please.

  1. Cats have 24 whiskers and 203 bones.  b) a cat’s tongue is rough and has little hooks.  These hooks act like a comb so that pussycat can clean him or herself.  c) a cat can see 6 times better than you!   d) You have finger prints but a cat’s nose is a ‘finger print” or “nose print” that is unique.

Do you Have a Talking Cat?

Well, of course, a cat can’t speak in human words but it does have over 100 sounds.   Did you think it only said, “meeee-ow.”

Making Faces 

Humans can make faces because they can move their jaws up and down and left and right     A cat can only move its jaw up and down.  Don’t ever try to move it side to side as you may break its jaw.

Loving Your Cats and Dogs (Any Pets)

Throwing stones or beating any animal can cause terrible and long lasting pain.  When humans get hurt, they can take an aspirin or go to the doctor or hospital for pain medication.   A wild animal or bird cannot do this.  If a stone injures its eye or body, it will be in pain for hours and may even die. If it dies, it then cannot feed its young.  Be a friend to all living creatures – and don’t let anyone else hurt them.   Thank you.