Hey Kids! Give Compliments to One Another but Be Genuine

How did you feel when you received a compliment?  Were you embarrassed or did it feel really good?

Being kind means that you share, say nice things and give compliments when they are deserved.  Don’t overdo it or it will seem fake!  If you give too many, people will think that you are not sincere. Choose carefully.  If you can give one or two good compliments that you can be proud each day.

Don’t be jealous!  If someone on your teams scores a goal, compliment him or her.  Perhaps, you don’t score many goals, but everyone has something that they do that deserves a compliment.  Compliment your mom or dad if they prepare a good meal, but don’t thank them for every vegetable on the plate.

Helping goes with compliments.  If you really enjoyed the meal that was prepared for you, not only compliment the chef, but help clear the table or do the washing up.

Always be the best person you can be – and – forgive yourself for mistakes.  Next time, you can do better.

Source: Acts of Kindness – Advent Calendar

I have adapted it for kids.