Dogs in Wheelchairs Racing on the Beach -Peru


Let me take you to Lima, which is the capital of Peru.

I want you to meet PELUSA on the right and his friend Huellas who is nearest to the waves on the beach at Pescadores.  These dogs are loved by an incredible woman who has found wheelchairs that enable dogs to run.  Many of these dogs have been hit by cars and would otherwise die.  They cannot walk by themselves.  The wheelchairs and the feeding by Sara Moran enables them to have a happy life.  Below is a website where money can be given to this wonderful woman, called Sara Moran.

Here are more of the dogs that volunteers take to the beach.

Below is the wonderful Sara Moran who sometimes has to change diapers (nappies) because the dog cannot do his ‘business’ by him or herself, but this dog is able to get around in a wheelchair.


Sarah has 70 dogs in her home.  Kind businesses donate food as do volunteers.  You can see that people have given her cots/cribs as beds for the dogs to lie in at night.

Isn’t it great that people are kind to dogs.   Maybe some of these dogs have been abused – hit, kicked etc by humans.   We must protect our animals.