The Most Intelligent Sea Creatures – Can You Name Them?

Do you like to be in nature?  I do!  I grew up camping with my Girl Guide friends.  We earned badges identifying trees, birds and flowers.  I had a dog and a cat and loved playing with them.  I also had budgies.

Intelligent Creatures.



Like humans, whales like to sing and talk.  The sounds are so loud that they can be heard from many miles away.  They hunt together and that means they like to work together to get things done.

The Octopus

Unknown-1The Octopus is one of the most intelligent sea creatures.  They invent and play games.  They can change shape and colour to hide from predators.

Sea Lions

Unknown-2Sea lions are brainy creatures.  They can match shapes and solve problems by doing things over and over again.  They don’t give up!  They enjoy doing tricks.




Squids are said to be among some of the most intelligent invertebrates (no backbone) in existence. They are usually very curious about their environment.  They invent new tools and games to stop being bored.



Dolphins have a brain that is second in intelligence to humans. Bottlenose dolphins prove to be aware of themselves by easily recognizing their images in the mirror.  Dolphins think before acting.  They seem to know that children need more patience than adults and are gentler towards them.

Dolphins are very social creatures.  This means they want to be with other dolphins.. They do recognize their moms and their leaders.  Moms and leaders get extra respect.


Bouncing Blue Ball Stories by Pauline Gallagher – with a Bonus Feature

image050 image054   image052

Brenda and Jeff give Dolly a blue ball for her birthday. After doggie cake, a game of baseball takes place in the park. The hit ball has many adventures.

Bonus book: Creatures of the Deep Blue Sea
The bouncing blue ball meets humans and several sea creatures: shark, dolphin, an octupus and a whale.


image006 images-2  Unknown-1images-3

Bonus  Features continued: I have provided information and images for these creatures in a story format.  Meet Ollie Octopus, along with his sweetheart.

I can change my colors and shapes
I can change my colors and shapes

They are preparing their home and garden with value items collected from the sea bed.  The article includes escaping from enemies, diet, types of octopus, three hearts, brain on arms and how clever octopi are deep in the ocean.


Haley the Humpback Whale:  Meet Haley’s baby son, Martin.  He was born the size of two basket ball players in height and weighed one ton.  Haley and Martin like to perform for tourist boats by splashing their large flukes.  Haley is teaching Martin how to sing and play.


Dana the Happy Dolphin:  Come and swim with Dana as she hunts for fish.  Dana is proud to be one of the smartest creatures alive.  Like humpback whales Dana loves to sing and make other sounds as she communicates with others.


Samson is an enormous Basking Shark, but he will not harm humans.  He just opens his mouth and scoops up sea creatures.  Samson will mention a few sharks that are dangerous.  He tells us that more people die from coconuts falling on their heads than from shark attacks.