Kids: Irish Highway Moved to Help the Fairies – For Real

Ireland: Land of the Fairies

I am not sure if you believe in Fairies, but many people who live in Ireland believe that they exist.  To prove this, I am going to tell you a real story about how an Irish Highway was moved so that it would not disturb or destroy a fairy bush.


Highway MOVED to Help Irish Fairies

Below is a map that shows the Irish cities of Galway and Limerick.

Now, lots of money was being spent to improve this highway.  At one part of the highway, it needed to be widened.  That should not have been a problem, EXCEPT that there existed a fairy bush.  Normally, any road construction would remove a few trees or bushes, but this is Ireland and fairies cannot be annoyed.  Everyone in Ireland knows that to annoy fairies is unlucky – bad luck follows.  Here is the fairy bush.

The fairy bush
The highway moved so that the fairy bush could remain

The Fairy Bush was Very Important to the Fairies.

There is a man who knows a lot about fairies.  It’s his hobby.  He told the people in charge of this road that the bush was a meeting place before these fairies went to war against their neighbours.

These bush fairies live in Munster, one of the counties of Ireland and their enemies are the fairies of another county called Connaught.  It is at this bush, that the Munster fairies plot war plans against their enemies.  Who wins?  Nobody seems to know.  I hope that this New Year 2018, will bring peace to all fairies in Ireland.